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2 Immediate Newborn Care
4/15/2017 Principles in Newborn Care 1. Establish & Maintain Airway Patency 2. Maintain Appropriate Body Temperature 3. Immediate Latching On/ Skin to Skin Contact 4. Immediate Assessment of the Newborn APGAR Score Assessment of Gestational Age Cephalometry 5. Proper Identification- Footprints/ identification band

3 Immediate Newborn Care
4/15/2017 Immediate Newborn Care 6. Specific Nursing Actions/ Nursery Care Check Identification band Antropometric Measurements Administration of Vit.K, Hepa B & Crede’s Eye Prophylaxis Weight / Vital signs Taking 7. Rooming-in

4 Immediate Care of the Newborn
Maintain respiration Promote warmth Prevent infection Accurate identification


6 Hollister cord clamp. A, Clamp is positioned 1/2 to 1 inch from the abdomen and then secured.

7 Hollister cord clamp. B, Cut cord
Hollister cord clamp. B, Cut cord. The one vein and two arteries can be seen. B

8 Hollister cord clamp. C, Plastic device for removing clamp after cord has dried. After the cord is cut, the nurse grasps the Hollister clamp on either side of the cut area and gently separates it. C

9 Clearing secretions. To clear secretions from the newborn’s nose or oropharynx, a DeLee mucus trap (shown here) or other suction device is used. One end of the suction tubing is connected to low suction, and the other end of the tubing is inserted 3 to 5 inches into the newborn’s nose or mouth. Suction is applied as the tubing is pulled out. The process is repeated for as long as fluid is aspirated.

10 Initial Newborn Evaluation

11 Umbilical Alarm

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