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1 Tribal Transit Programs Federal Transit Administration February, 2006.

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1 1 Tribal Transit Programs Federal Transit Administration February, 2006

2 2 Federal Transit Administration One of eleven modal administrations within the U.S. Department of Transportation Provide financial assistance to develop new transit systems and improve, maintain, and operate existing systems. Oversee thousands of grants to hundreds of state and local transit providers, primarily through its ten regional offices. Grantees are responsible for managing their programs in accordance with Federal requirements, and FTA is responsible for ensuring that grantees follow Federal mandates along with statutory and administrative requirements

3 3 Federal Transit Administration Headquarters Offices –Office of Administration (TAD) –Office of Budget and Policy (TBP) –Office of Communications and Congressional Affairs (TCA) –Office of Chief Counsel (TCC) –Office of Civil Rights (TCR) –Office of Planning & Environment (TPE) –Office of Program Management (TPM) –Office of Research & Technology (TRI)

4 4 Federal Transit Administration Regional Offices Region I: MA Region II: NY Region III: PA Region IV: GA Region V: IL Region VI: TX Region VII: MI Region VIII: CO Region IX: CA Region X: WA

5 5 SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization of Highway and Transit Programs – FY 2005-2009 Expanded funding for Non- urbanized Area Formula program New Tribal Transit Program within the Non-urbanized Area formula program Opportunities under three other formula programs

6 6 Section 5311 – Non-Urbanized Area Formula Program Funding increases from $251 million in FY 2005 to $537 million in FY 2009 Formula apportionment to states - tribes eligible Tribes now eligible direct recipients Rural Transit Assistance Program (2%) New Tribal Transit Program – takedown from 5311

7 7 Tribal Transit Program “shall be apportioned for grants to Indian tribes for any purpose eligible under this section” (Section 5311) –Capital and operating assistance for rural public transit service –Acquisition of public transportation services, including service agreements with private providers of public transportation services

8 8 Tribal Transit Program Annual set aside from Section 5311 –FY 2006 - $8 Million –FY 2007 - $10 Million –FY 2008 - $12 Million –FY 2009 - $15 Million

9 9 Funding Availability 3 years = year apportioned + 2 years Law doesn’t specify formula for apportioning funds Grants can’t be made until process is established (in consultation with tribes) Developing interim procedures for FY 2006 funding Future guidance (FTA Circular)

10 10 Consultation with Tribes Listening session held October 26, 2005 to gather ideas on how consultation process should be conducted Outreach at several interagency meetings – like this Established FTA Regional Liaisons Dear Colleague Letter Federal Register Notice 11.30.05

11 11 Federal Register Notice What We Asked Interim measure to allocate FY 2006 funds based on responses to a request for letters of interest Limiting transit participation to tribes which already have transit options or which have already conducted planning and are prepared to implement new transit service Which requirements we should waive for the Tribal Transit Program

12 12 Federal Register Notice What We Heard Eligible activities should include planning Oppose limiting to existing transit systems Federal Share should be 80-100% Supportive of Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act Need for consultation meetings Encourage coordination with IRR Council, FHWA, TTAP Centers

13 13 Other FTA Programs of Interest to Tribes Non-urbanized (Rural) Formula Program (Section 5311) –Apportioned to the States for rural transit –Congressional intent that Tribal Program not meant to replace or reduce funds Tribes receive from States –States can use (or pass down) 15% of their total allocation for planning, technical assistance, and administration –Tribes can now apply to FTA directly for grant for funds allocated to Tribe by State.

14 14 Other FTA Programs of Interest to Tribes Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) –Technical assistance, training, research, and support projects for rural transit –2% of 5311 appropriation 85% allocated to states for TA and training 15% for National Activities

15 15 Three Formula Programs – State Administered Elderly and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) –For Private Non-Profit agencies (mostly) –Capital assistance only New Freedom (Section 5317) –Beyond ADA – for Individuals with Disabilities –New services and public transportation alternatives Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC –Section 5316) –Transportation services to help welfare recipients and low income individuals reach jobs and support services –Reverse commute – to suburban job locations

16 16 Project Selection State conducts competitive selection process for projects under all three programs for rural areas and small urbanized areas (under 200K population) Transit operator and MPO’s conduct competitive selection in large cities Projects must be derived from locally developed coordinated public transit/human service transportation plan

17 17 Coordinated Planning FTA developing guidance A Tribe could develop the required coordinated plan – Include stakeholders, citizens, human service providers, and private operators Apply to State for funding under all three programs for projects in rural areas After project selection, tribes can receive the funding either as sub- recipient of State or through direct grant from FTA under 5311

18 18 Next Steps Develop interim methodology for allocating FY 2006 funding Define Terms and Conditions for the Program Publish another Federal Register Notice: –Addresses comments from 11.30.05 FRN –Describe allocation process for FY 2006 funding –Solicit additional public comments Host public outreach meetings with tribal leaders, tribal members, and other key stakeholders Publish a solicitation for proposals for 2006 Evaluate, select, and announce projects Publish FTA Circular

19 19 Upcoming Outreach Meetings Denver, Colorado April 4, 2006 Holiday Inn Denver International Airport John Q Hammons Convention Center Kansas City, Missouri April 7, 2006 Westin Crown Center

20 20 Purpose of Upcoming Outreach Meetings Introduce and describe FTA processes and requirements Address comments received in the docket Opportunity to refine proposed FY 2006 proposal solicitation process Solicit comments and share additional information

21 21 For More Information FTA Website: “SAFETEA-LU Implementation” Fact Sheets and FAQs are posted Participate in outreach meetings Respond to requests for comment (FTA Dockets – Federal Register Notices)

22 22 Questions? Email questions to:

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