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1 Federal Transit Programs Federal Transit Administration Jennifer Stewart FTA Region 8 November 9, 2007.

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1 1 Federal Transit Programs Federal Transit Administration Jennifer Stewart FTA Region 8 November 9, 2007

2 2 SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization of Highway and Transit Programs – FY 2005-2009 Expanded funding for Non- urbanized Area Formula program New Tribal Transit Program within the Non-urbanized Area formula program Opportunities under three other formula programs

3 3 Section 5311 – Non-Urbanized Area Formula Program Funding increases from $251 million in FY 2005 to $537 million in FY 2009 Formula apportionment to states - tribes eligible Tribes now eligible direct recipients Rural Transit Assistance Program (2%) New Tribal Transit Program – takedown from 5311

4 4 Tribal Transit Program “shall be apportioned for grants to Indian tribes for any purpose eligible under this section” (Section 5311 $449 million) –Capital, operating and planning assistance for rural public transit service –Acquisition of public transportation services, including service agreements with private providers of public transportation services

5 5 Tribal Transit Program Annual set aside from Section 5311 –FY 2006 - $8 Million ($7.92 actual) –FY 2007 - $10 Million –FY 2008 - $12 Million –FY 2009 - $15 Million

6 6 Funding Availability 3 years = year apportioned + 2 years Grants can begin processing once awards have been determined

7 7 Other FTA Programs of Interest to Tribes Non-urbanized Formula Program (Section 5311$) –Apportioned to the States for rural transit –Congressional intent that Tribal Program not meant to replace or reduce funds Tribes receive from States –States can use (or pass down) 15% of their total allocation for planning, technical assistance, and administration –Tribes can now apply to FTA directly for grant for funds allocated to Tribe by State.

8 8 Other FTA Programs of Interest to Tribes Rural Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) –Technical assistance, training, research, and support projects for rural transit –2% of 5311 appropriation 85% allocated to states for TA and training 15% for National Activities

9 9 Three Formula Programs – State Administered Elderly and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310 $117 million) –For Private Non-Profit agencies (mostly) –Capital assistance only New Freedom (Section 5317 $81) –Beyond ADA – for Individuals with Disabilities –New services and public transportation alternatives Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC –Section 5316 $144 million) –Transportation services to help welfare recipients and low income individuals reach jobs and support services –Reverse commute – to suburban job locations

10 10 Award Information $7.92 million awarded in FY 2006 $10 million available in FY 2007 Competitive selection process Funding for start-up services, existing services, and planning (awards not to exceed $25k) Multiple year projects – OK

11 11 Applicable Terms & Conditions Common Grant Rule Civil Rights Act of 1964 Section 504 & ADA Requirement Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirement National Environmental Policy Act Charter & School Bus Service National Transit Database Reporting Bus Testing Requirement Master Agreement = comprehensive list and description of all terms/conditions

12 12 Application & Submission Info Three methods to submit applications (need to register) 2.Hard-copy to FTA HQ, Attn: Lorna Wilson (3 copies & send via FedEx) 3.E-mail directly to and then fax signature documents

13 13 FY 2006 Award Information 95 applications received totaling $22.1 million 63 applications selected 34 Planning Grants ($834,681), 16 Enhancements to existing transit services($3,916,354). 13 grants for start up of new services ($3,168,681), Total Award $7,920,000

14 14 FY 2007 Application Information 74 applications received Evaluations currently underway – Award announcements likely around first of year

15 15 Preparing Applications for Funding

16 16 Evaluation Criteria Four Criteria 1)Project Planning and Coordination 2)Demonstration of Need 3)Benefits of Project 4)Financial Commitment and Operating Capacity

17 17 Evaluation Criteria Project Planning & Coordination Common factors regardless of whether applicant has a formal plan or not Develop thorough project description Discuss coordination activities and/or opportunities Discuss level of support Discuss project implementation

18 18 Evaluation Criteria Demonstration of Need What are the needs of the tribe/community? Demonstrate how the proposed project will meet the needs / demand

19 19 Evaluation Criteria Benefits of Project Explain how the proposed project will benefit tribe/community Increased ridership Access to jobs and services Improved accessibility Improved efficiencies

20 20 Evaluation Criteria Financial Commitment & Operating Capacity Identify funding sources TTP funds should not replace existing funding sources Discuss in-kind contributions Does the project assist in leveraging other funding ?

21 21 Evaluation Criteria for Planning Need for Study Discuss level of support/need for project Study scope should focus on tribal transit (no more than three pages)

22 22 Information was clear and concise Coordinated planning and services was apparent – or desired Project was ready to implement Data & information relevant to proposed project Scope of project is centered on implementing (start-up) and/or increasing transit service Common Elements of Successful 2006 Applications

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