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America Expands Overseas

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1 America Expands Overseas
The United States began to abandon its Isolationist foreign policy created by Monroe Doctrine

2 US companies needed new markets to sell their products
Why did the US abandon its traditionalist isolationists foreign policy? US companies needed new markets to sell their products US wanted to create an overseas empire

3 How did the US expand its influence in the world?


5 Open Door Policy Secretary of State John Hay policy that would give all nations equal trading rights in China

6 Open Door Policy Urged all foreigners to obey Chinese laws and customs

7 Dollar diplomacy President Taft urged American banks and businesses to invest in Latin America.

8 Dollar diplomacy He promised that the US military would step in if political unrest threatened their investments.

9 True “Global Economy” Growth in international trade that occurred from the late 1800s to World War I Led by US

10 US Expansion – Latin America

11 Spanish-American War 1898-1900
US went to war with Spain for control of Cuba War easily won by US

12 Results of Spanish-American War
Cuba became a free independent nation with alliances to US US annexed Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guam (Asia) from Spain

13 Panama Canal President Theodore Roosevelt wanted a shorter route around the world “Encouraged” Panama’s independence from Colombia

14 Panama Canal Made a deal to build a canal through Panama
Cut travel time around South America in half




18 US Expansion – Asia & Pacific

19 Acquisition of Hawaii US needed a re-fueling station and military base in the Pacific Ocean Wanted to protect trading ships in Pacific

20 Why are these portrayals of the same woman so different?
Queen Liliuokalani portrayed by American Imperialist in newspapers The Real Queen Liliuokalani



23 Acquisition of Hawaii US Supported a revolution to get rid of Hawaiian Monarchy US annexed Hawaii in 1898

24 Purpose Of Expansionism
US wanted to sell all their technology and products around the world US wanted to establish an empire in the Western Hemisphere


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