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Warm-up Pre-test.

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1 Warm-up Pre-test

2 Perimeter, Area, Volume and Surface Area
Review of vocabulary and formulas

3 Objectives Know the definitions of perimeter, area, volume and surface area Understand units, square units, and cubic units and how they relate to perimeter, area and volume Use formulas to calculate perimeter, area, volume, and surface area

4 Roll the Dice Roll the dice and define the geometry vocabulary word next to your number.

5 Dice Roll Number Match Area 2. Circumference 3. Perimeter
4. Surface Area 5. Volume 6. Cubic Unit 7. Square Unit 8. Unit 9. Radius 10. Diameter 11. Circle 12. Cube 13. Prism 14. Cone 15. Pyramid 16. Cylinder 17. Triangle 18. Trapezoid 19. Rectangle 20. Sphere

6 Perimeter Measure of the distance around a figure (polygon) made up of straight lines called sides (s, or l & w) Square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, etc. or an irregular 2-D (flat) multi-sided shape.

7 Circle Perimeter? If the shape has curved lines instead of straight we call it Circumference. Use radius (r)- distance from the center to the edge of the circle diameter (d) – distance across the circle passing through the center d = 2r or r = ½ d

8 Units Standard or metric Measurement of the side or distance
Perimeter and circumference

9 Square units Area – measure of a shape’s (2-D Flat figures) surface, space inside the perimeter Why do we call it “square”? ?

10 How do you find area of a figure that doesn’t have a formula?
PSSA Formula Sheet 2-D figures – Square, parallelogram, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, circle, and regular & irregular polygons How do you find area of a figure that doesn’t have a formula?

11 Check-up – Perimeter, Circumference and Area
Handout of examples Lesson Practice: Perimeter, Circumference, & Area

12 Calculating Surface Area
Some formulas – cube, rectangular prism, sphere, & cylinder No Formula? Find area of each face and add to find the total surface area

13 What unit is used for Surface Area?
Area of each shape that makes up a 3-D solid how much exposed area a solid object has Answer: Square units

14 Check-up – Surface Area
Handout of examples Lesson Practice – Surface Area

15 Cubic Units Volume: how much three-dimensional (3-D) space a solid occupies Why do we call it “Cubic”? ?

16 Volume Formulas PSSA Formula sheet
Prism, Cone, Pyramid, cylinder (many types), & sphere

17 Check-up - Volume Handout of examples Lesson Practice - Volume

18 More Practice – if you need it
Measuring Around What happened when Orgo tore up a PUZZLE Book? Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms Comparing Volumes

19 Ticket out the Door Post-Test – same as Pre-test???

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