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 “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Walt Disney.

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1  “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Walt Disney

2 Chapter 13 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

3  What is Alcohol  Effects of Alcohol on the body  Alcohol on the individual  Alcohol content of different drinks and BAC  Alcohol and Teens  Journal Entry

4  ALCOHOL: IS A DRUG THAT IS PRODUCED BY A CHEMICAL REACTION IN FRUITS, VEGETABLES, and GRAINS.  Ethanol (Sedative)  Depressant -Slows down body -Central Nervous System (Brain, Spinal Cord)

5  Brain and Central Nervous System  Mouth and Esophagus  Heart and Blood Vessels  Liver  Stomach and Pancreas

6 SHORT TERM -Speech is slurred -Vision is blurred LONG TERM -Brain Cells Destroyed. CAN’T BE REPLACED -Nerves: Numbness throughout body (hands and feet)

7 SHORT TERM -Tongue, gums and throat affected (drys out) -Breath smells of alcohol LONG TERM -Esophagus damage (possible bleeding)

8 SHORT TERM -Sweat increases -Skin becomes flushed LONG TERM -High Blood Pressure (blood thins, loses h2o) -Damage to heart (blood vessels harden, less flexible)

9  LONG TERM  Liver damage  CIRRHOSIS- SCARRING AND DESTRUCTION OF LIVER  Liver breaks down the alcohol to water and CO2.

10 SHORT TERM -Stomach acids increase, vomiting and nausea can result LONG TERM -Stomach lining irritation or bleeding (Ulcers) -Inflamed pancreas

11  Body Size-Greater effect on smaller person  Gender-Moves into bloodstream faster in F  Time Frame- Rapid drinking, rapid intox -Liver can’t break down quick enough  Amount- Can cause poisoning  Food- Slows down absorption  Medicine- Work together or vs.

12  With.5 oz of pure alcohol all are equal: -12 oz. Beer (4% alcohol by volume) -4 oz. Wine (12% alcohol by volume) -1.25 oz. Vodka/Whiskey (40% alcohol by volume)

13  *BLOOD ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION- amount of alcohol in the blood stream. .05- (1 Drink) Sedation and loss of self control .08- Legally intoxicated. (Impaired by Alcohol) .14- Loss of coordination and judgement .18- Very slow reaction time .27- (5-6 Drinks) Stupor (Just there) .36- (7-8 Drinks) Unconsciousness,Death


15  Language skills decrease.  Reduces levels of hormones essential to growth.  Can delay aspects of sexual maturity.

16  College campus suicide deaths (66%)  Traffic deaths including alcohol (50%)  Violent crimes (25%)  Rape cases (33% to 66%)

17  Come up with 2 ways alcoholic drinks are similar to other beverages and come up with 2 ways they are not.

18  Share what day to day routine activities involve skill and precision?

19  Goggles activities or Debate Legal Drinking Age

20  How can alcohol affect your physical health in a negative way? How can alcohol affect your goals you have for school, and life? (How will you avoid alcohol to stay focused on your goals?)

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