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Employability in Education Conference Workshop slides.

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1 Employability in Education Conference Workshop slides

2 Objective: To provide an opportunity to explore processes of embedding employability

3 Getting started How would/did you start? Who would you involve? What infrastructure is required?

4 Process 1.Gather Data: –Alumni survey + Case studies –Finalist survey –Workshops & Staff survey –Employer database 2.Involve Employers 3.Work on Curriculum

5 Case Studies from Alumni Recommendations to Course, Students, Skills developed –Live experience, credibility of team, simulations (Course) –Use opportunity (Students) Skills of employability: communication skills, willingness to learn, commitment and enthusiasm Skills developed: research skills, criticality –PDP, RS, TW, SS, R, CS, P-S +ve –B, CD, WE –ve –I – a bit

6 Designing a Survey Tool 1.Ceth tool 2.Adapted through staff feedback 3.Run with students Key message: –Staff became keen when they knew everything I was doing would benefit them, not me!

7 Key Findings from Students Students generally felt confident in PD,RS, TW,SS, CS, P-S, but –Education not confident in CD, WE, RS –Criminology students lacked confidence in ALL areas –Sociology were confident in PD, CD, RS, TW, PP, CS, P-S and A but not in others All skills regarded as important to varying degrees – apart from SE and I

8 …continued Course helped develop PD, RS, SS, R skills Course did not develop B, WE, CD, I Bizarre results: –WE & TW developed only outside course –Students unsure about development of P-S,SE, A –Education developed skills only outside course –Sociology developed fewest skills outside of course, Criminology and History the most Students generally sought more career related information and understanding of sector, also work experience

9 Engaging Employers Use alumni Create database Launch event Early morning, hotel, breakfast Ensure has additional benefits for employers; networking Involve students, staff and employers

10 Curriculum Points: Situate within Subject Progression: 1.Value added 2.Skills development 3.Gain experience 4.Focus on CV, career, sector Year 1- skills development Year 2 –gain experience; enhance CV; contacts with employers Year 3 –pragmatic focus on graduation, CV, interview and career options; contacts with employers

11 PDP + Employability PDP + Transition/ induction Flying Start The ‘i’/ M&M Personal Tutor Curriculum delivery Skills Subject knowledge & skills Relevance WISER Fresh Start Part-time work Relevance Skills - generic Career Management Strengths & Weaknesses Opportunities Lifelong learning The overlapping process of PDP, transition and employability, and indicating some of the contributing elements Pre-HE experience Career/employment Learning to learn Futures

12 Using the tools Employer Forum Database Student Learning ANY QUESTIONS?

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