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Gloria Vidal, Vice Minister of Education, Ecuador

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1 Inter-American Commitee on Education: Report of the Chair and the Technical Secretariat
Gloria Vidal, Vice Minister of Education, Ecuador Chair of the Inter-American Committee on Education Lenore Yaffee García, Director Office of Education and Culture, DHDEC, OAS V Regular Meeting of the CIE Guayaquil, Ecuador Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 Topics covered Political framework
Priority topics established by the Ministers Mechanisms for joint action Results of work in priority topics Financial report Future opportunities

3 INTER-AMERICAN COMMITTEE Authorities of the Committee
Political Framework SUMMTS OF THE AMERICA Establishes hemispheric mandates and priorities Promotes policy dialogue, serves as Technical Secretariat Supports Member States in the follow up and implementation of the mandates Provides technical assistance Projects relevant to the development of policies, technical cooperation . Feedback to the political process MINISTERIAL MEETINGS Opportunities for policy dialogue and decisions at the highest sectoral level OAS SEDI Follow up to the mandates of the Summits and Ministerials Translates the ministerial dialogue into concrete strategies of cooperation with support from SEDI and its Departments INTER-AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION (CIE) Authorities of the Committee

4 PRIORITY AREAS established by the Ministers
Education Indicators and Evaluation (I, III Ministerial) Early Childhood Care and Education (IV, V) Strengthening the Teaching Force (all) Education for Democratic Citizenship (II, IV) Secondary Education, Better Opportunities for Youth (VI Ministerial) Topics that can be levers to improve quality and equity of education systems Consistency in priorities

5 Mechanisms for joint action
Horizontal Cooperation, exchange of experiencies and good practices Support to technical missions of horizontal cooperation Inter-American Symposia and subregional workshops Strengthening human and institutional capacity Scholarships, FEMCIDI Online Courses (within and outside Portal of the Americas) Networks Political dialogue (e.g. Special Sessions) Coordination with other organizations

6 Education Indicators Regional Indicators Project (PRIE) (10 years)
- Monitor progress toward the goals of the Summits of the Americas - Develop national capacity to generate and analyze data - Promote the use of data for policy formulation Results

7 Early Childhood Education and Care
“Hemispheric Commitment to Early Childhood Education” (Cartagena 2007) Continuous work to bring findings from research, innovations and good practices to the sector to strengthen capacity, in particular for Directors of Early Childhood Education, through Interamerican Symposia, subregional workshops. Attention to children from birth to age 3 Transitions Indigenous, rural and border populations Reinforce international commitments Encourage multisectoral work, coordination with international and civil society organizations and with private sector. Interamerican Program for Comprehensive Attention to Early Childhood Documentation of results

8 Strengthening the Teaching Force
Cross-cutting key theme Results of “hemispheric” FEMCIDI project – teacher educators a “forgotten group” “Teacher education for the 21st century: An emphasis on technology and collaboration” (OAS, MOE Trinidad & Tobago) Dedicated to initial (preservice) teacher preparation in region _ Survey of teachers and teacher educators _ Communications strategy. Seminars _ Design of a web portal on teacher education in the Américas Interamerican Teacher Educator Network (ITEN) Horizontal Cooperation, technical assistance, communities of policy makers, educators (funding CP Res. 831, CIDA) Responses to the Challenge of Improving the Quality of Initial Formation, Professional Development and the Evaluation of Teachers in the Countries in the Hemisphere Objetives:  To inform and transform teacher preparation and professional development policies and practices, so that national ministries of education can effect a change in a significant percentage of teacher education institutions (in each country and by extension, region) to produce professional teachers with high-performing competencies.

9 Interamerican Program on Education in Democratic Values and Practices
Carta Democrática Interamericana (2001): El rol de la educación en promover una cultura democrática Adoptado en IV Reunión de Ministros, cuenta con Grupo Asesor 3 componentes Investigación Desarrollo Profesional Intercambio de Información y Cooperación Horizontal Apoyo financiero de EE.UU., Canadá, Colombia, México, otros Ha permitido contar con una base de conocimiento sobre las políticas y prácticas en el hemisferio sobre educación para la ciudadanía democrática y desarrollar y pilotear elementos innovadores Goza del sostenido apoyo político (10 años de la Carta Democrática)

10 Collaboration with other Sectors
Education and Culture (Interamerican Committee on Culture) Ignite the Americas: Youth Arts Policy Forum (2008 Toronto, 2010 Rio de Janeiro) Video: “Towards a Culture of Non-Violence” Gabriela Mistral Poetry Contest “Fostering Cultural Diversity and Expression through Education” (joint project CIE/CIC) 2011 Inter-American Year on Culture

11 Interamerican Workshop “The role of the arts and communications media in education for democratic citizenship” 16-18 June 2010, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 84 participants / 26 Member states / education and culture sector

12 2011: Inter-American Year of Culture “Our Cultures, Our Future”
OAS General Assembly 2009, declared that 2011 would be celebrated as the “Inter-American Year of Culture”(AG/RES XXXIX-O/09) The CIC was charged with carrying out initiatives in the framework of the Year “with special emphasis on the role that culture plays in offering opportunities to the youth of the hemisphere” Mission: “The Interamerican Year of Culture celebrates the diverse cultures of the Americas and promotes the central role that culture plays in the economic, social and human development of all communities.” Aim: to have a long-term impact on the design of public policies Local, national, and international projects, activities, and events to be included

13 Estimated Resources Mobilized (2005-09)[1]/
Topic Estimated Resources Mobilized ( )[1]/ Education for Democracy $1,987,800.00 $ 390,150.00 CPR 831(OAS-CIE) $1,597,650.00 Counterpart Early Childhood Education $3,119,001.00 $ 541,290.00 $2,577,711.00 Education Indicators, Evaluation $1,636,307.00 $ 141,720.00 $ 430,575.00 $1,064,012.00 Strengthening the Teaching Force $ 670,650.00 $ 238,200.00 $ 432,450.00 Literacy $ ,000.00 $ ,000.00 $ ,000.00 Support to CIE Technical Secretariat $ 212,377.00 NOTAR IMPORTANTE PAPEL DE LAS BECAS DE DESARROLLO PROFESIONAL DEL DEPT DE DESARROLLO HUMANO. ESTAS CIFRAS NO INCLUYEN, EN GENERAL, LOS RECURSOS QUE SE OTORGAN POR FEMCIDI, EL FONDO VOLUNTARIO MULTILATERAL DE LA OEA

14 Total Resources Mobilized
CP Res 831 Subfund CIE/OAS $1,983,312.00 26% Counterpart Resources (including some in kind) $5,686,823.00 74% Total resources $7,670,135.00 100%

15 Political Opportunities in the OAS Framework
V Regular Meeting of the CIE, Guayaquil November 9-10 2011: Celebration of 10 years of the Inter-American Democratic Charter V Meeting of Ministers and Highest Appropriate Authorities in Culture Launches the Inter-American Year of Culture March 17 – 18, Río de Janeiro, Brasil Se-Liga Américas. Río de Janeiro, Brasil Key meetings in other sectors (Ministerials in Labor, Tourism) OAS General Assemblies 38ª General Assembly: “Youth and Democratic Values” 39ª General Assembly: “Toward a Culture of Non-Violence” 41º General Assembly June 5-7, San Salvador, El Salvador. Topic to be determined VI Summit of the Americas April Colombia. Central theme to be determined.

16 Final reflection How can we make the results of this work even more useful for you, who work day after day to promote and improve education in the region?

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