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2 THAT’S US!! Group ASA is an Outdoor Advertising Group with over four decades of experience and nationwide presence. Our clients take advantage of many OOH media available today such as Unipoles, Hoardings, Buses, Bus shelters, Street Furniture, LED and Plasma Screen, Airports and many more. Our goal is to communicate your campaign message through our innovative, professional and cost effective execution skills. Group ASA comprises of the following two concerns: Publicis Advertising Agency was from on 28 Feb 1966, it is based out of Kolkata. It is an over 40 year old OOH advertising company is a major player in the north eastern part of India. Ashok Sharma & Associates Private Limited was formed on 16 June 1970 and is headquartered at Mumbai. It’s the pioneer in it field from its inception.

3 MISSION & VISION Mission: Group ASA is committed to offer the quality Outdoor Advertising Services by following Morals, ethics and excellence in customer satisfaction. Vision: Continue to be a path breaking leader in the OOH advertising services, and to consolidate our nationwide presence.

4 OUR PORTFOLIO We offer OOH media buying and planning solutions for the following media in various cities across India: Unipoles Billboards Buses and Bus Shelters Street Furniture All Indian Airports Indian Railways Delhi Metro Kolkata Metro LED and Plasma Screens Mobile Vehicles Signage Malls

5 OUR TEAM Ashok K Sharma: In the year 1966 Mr. Ashok Sharma, a young and energetic man planned to start something on his own and was looking for an ideal and challenging business opportunity. That year he planted a sapling in the eastern part of India, now it has grown in to a group of companies with a nationwide presence. He visualized a huge potential market for outdoor advertising in a vast country like India. To start with a hand full of hoardings [bill boards] which gradually increased and covered whole of Eastern and Northern part of India. In 1983 Mr. Sharma moved into Mumbai with lots of innovative ideas for the City's road transport system- BEST. Till then the BEST's revenue from advertising was insignificant, Mr. Sharma's imaginative and innovative ideas resulted in whooping 100 folds increase in BEST's revenue within a year. The trend continues even today.

6 Contd… Vishal Sharma: He has an experience of over 8 years in various sectors, and has marketed products and services in India, England and Continental Europe. He is now part of our core team to lead the organization to the ever changing dynamics of the OOH media. Kalpana Kale: She is based out of Mumbai and has over 22 years of experience in OOH media. She is a skillful negotiator with media owners and excels in acquiring new accounts. Ravi Khandelwal: He has over 35 years of experience in OOH media. He is well know to all major media houses in West Bengal and plays a major role from planning to execution of campaigns in Eastern India.

7 MARKET COVERED We offer outdoor media in the following cities: Delhi
Mumbai Kolkatta


9 CONTACT US AT… Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkatta ,


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