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Cheyenne County Hospital Childbirth Class Candi Douthit, BSN, RN

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1 Cheyenne County Hospital Childbirth Class Candi Douthit, BSN, RN
Care of the Newborn Cheyenne County Hospital Childbirth Class Candi Douthit, BSN, RN

2 Initial Newborn Care Initial Cares after birth: Best for Baby:
Ensure they are breathing well Warm, dry, and stimulate to get them crying really good Best for Baby: Immediate skin to skin with mom Breastfeed within 30min to 1hr of life Kangaroo care Keep them warm

3 Initial Newborn Care Nursing Tasks: Weights and measurements
Medications Assessments Apgar Ballard Blood sugar Physical exam Vital signs Newborn care immediately after birth | BabyCenter

4 Initial Newborn Appearance
Can be very wrinkly, pink, covered with a white, thick substance Head can be cone shaped or swollen, may appear or be bruised Skin: lanugo, milia, vernix, hands/feet may be blue purple Eyes: mostly blue/gray Pictures: Gift of Motherhood pg 65 Infant will look much more normal in 12-24hrs

5 Initial Newborn Appearance
Acrocyanosis Vernix Acrocyanosis Milia

6 Basics of Care Feeding-every 2-3hrs
Hunger signs-sucking on hands, rooting, lip moving, crying is a late sign Want to feed them before they are crying Not just about eating, it is about bonding, interacting, and comforting No bottle propping Check water source if using formula Burping-to be done after each feeding positions

7 Diapering 10-12 times per day…>5000 diapers in a lifetime  (isn’t that great news) Always wipe front to back (esp. on little girls) Cord Care Circumcision Care Check before/after meals

8 Basics of Care Crying: Temperature Control:
Comfort (hot, cold, lonely, scared, hungry, diaper issue) Snuggling them in their blanket Temperature Control: Need to be kept warm, but not too hot Temperature instability SleepSacks One layer more than you have on

9 Basics of Care Bathing Sleeping Every 2-3 days Dry skin
No submersion until the cord comes off Sleeping 12-16hrs per day SIDS Prevention Strategies How to reduce your baby's risk of SIDS | Video | BabyCenter

10 When to call the Doctor Not eating well Not peeing or pooping
Turning colors (orange, yellow, blue) Temperatures (newborns < 1 mos should not be getting fevers and should be evaluated) Not acting normal Sinus drainage/cough You are concerned

11 Things to Consider No ibuprofen/motrin until 6 months No water needed
Call the lactation consultant if you are concerned about breastfeeding Everyone will have advice for you, take it or leave it. Ultimately you are the parents and you’ll need to decide what is best for you and your baby.

12 Things to Consider Know there is no perfect way to raise a child. You will make mistakes and have regrets. Just do the best you can and pray often You are now parents!!! What an incredible blessing this is. Take time to just be with your child as it will go very fast. Take a moment to cherish where you are in life.

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