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Garden State Biodiesel Inc.. Distilate –High Sulfer Low Sulfer –#2 Dyed High Sulfer #2 Dyed Low Sulfer –Off Road diesel On Road Diesel –Heating oil.

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1 Garden State Biodiesel Inc.


3 Distilate –High Sulfer Low Sulfer –#2 Dyed High Sulfer #2 Dyed Low Sulfer –Off Road diesel On Road Diesel –Heating oil Low Sulfer Clear » Ultra Low sulfer Diesel Dyed - Untaxed Undyed - Taxed Diesel

4 Biodiesel – General Definitions, Blends & Production Processes Biodiesel Markets, Demand, and Distribution Biodiesel Performance Parameters Why Biodiesel is Used The “Business Case” for Biodiesel ASTM D 6751 Specification Lubricity Aspects & ULSD Rule of 2006 Cold Flow Biodiesel 101

5 What is Biodiesel? An alternative fuel that can be used in neat (pure) form, or blended with petroleum #2 oil for use in diesel engines, on & off road, home heating oil.

6 Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines or heating oil derived from natural oils such as soybean oil. Biodiesel can be used in any concentration with petroleum-based diesel fuel existing diesel engines or heating systems with little or no modification. General Definitions

7 Biodiesel is not raw vegetable oil. Biodiesel must be produced by a chemical process that removes glycerin from the oil. Biodiesel blend, a blend of biodiesel fuel meeting ASTM D 6751.06a with petroleum-based diesel fuel designated BXX, where XX is the volume percent of biodiesel. General Definitions






13 The primary factors driving Biodiesel include: Energy Independence Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT) Biodiesel Mixture Credit – Through 2008 USDA Commodity Credit Corporation Incentive – Through 2006 Heating Oil markets Renewable Fuel Standards Enhanced Lubricity & Conductivity Improver Premium Diesel Market Grows as Consumers Demand More From the Fuel They Use 2006 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Issues Environmental Benefits CO2 Reductions Less Toxic and More Biodegradable Emissions Reductions Biodiesel Market Potential 1.65 Billion Gallons in Mid-Atlantic Region High Petroleum Transportation and Heating Oil Fuel Costs Project Drivers




17 The first and only alternative fuel to have a complete evaluation of emission results and potential health effects. The most stringent emissions testing protocols ever. Environmental Benefits

18 Biodiesel Toxicity and Safety Only alternative fuel to have complete Tier I and Tier II testing. Toxicity is 1/10 that of table salt. Dermal irritation less than 4% soap & water. Aquatic toxicity >1000mg/l (“Insignificant”) ~85% biodegradation in 28 days.

19 Emission Testing Results

20 Environmental Benefits Can be used in any diesel engine or heating system Blending ratio’s from 2 to 100% Improves fuel lubricity Significantly improves air quality, is biodegradable and is less toxic than table salt






26 NJDEP Web Site Reduce Diesel Emission Health Effects Reducing soot by 20% 400 premature deaths can be avoided

27 Industry Overview The fastest growing renewable fuel in US Growth rate in excess of 100% Environmentally friendly Industry in infancy compared to ethanol Current industry cannot meet demands

28 Biodiesel Industry The U.S. biodiesel industry has grown at a rate averaging more than 100% for the past five years.

29 Biodiesel Industry




33 Potential Regional Biodiesel Usage

34 Feedstock for Biodiesel Virgin Vegetable Oil –(Soybean, Canola, Corn, Sunflower, etc) Waste Vegetable Oil –(Yellow Grease collected from restaurants) Animal Fats –(Beef Tallow, Poultry Fat, Pork Fat, etc.)

35 21.5 million bushels soybean NJ 3.1 million bushels per year Perdue-36.3 million bushels per year - 50.8 million gallons Darling International-100 million lbs./year of Poultry Fat & Yellow Grease – 13.3 million gallons Feedstock for Biodiesel

36 Biodiesel Markets Biodiesel Wholesale Marketers Wholesale Distributors –primarily through fueling stations to transport trucks and other retail consumers. –Includes oil companies, station owners, marinas, and railroad operators

37 Biodiesel Markets Retail Markets: –Government/Public Sector Federal, State and Local Government Agencies Municipalities Military Institutions Agriculture School Districts –Heating Oil



40 Management Systems Biodiesel Quality Standard, BQ-9000 ASQ Environment Standard, ISO 14001 ASQ Health & Safety Standard, OHSAS 18001 Standards are expected to become critical performance measure in the Biodiesel, OSHA, EPA & DOT industries in the upcoming years














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