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Midtown Alliance Capital Improvements Program

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1 Midtown Alliance Capital Improvements Program
Midtown, Atlanta: a one-square mile high-density urban district within the city of Atlanta, Georgia Midtown Alliance, now in partnership with Midtown Improvement District (MID), is the driving force behind district’s revitalization Guided by a visionary master plan – Blueprint Midtown – which called for a beautiful mixed use district, with street front restaurants and retail in a walkable, bikable, safe, & clean place

2 A lot has changed since then…
In the early 1990s, 66% of Midtown was a sea of vacant lots and deteriorating buildings. A lot has changed since then… Success based on strong partnerships and right mix of programs and capital projects: Over $4.5B of new investment 6.2M square feet of office space 6,800+ residential units 630K square feet of retail 1,300 hotel rooms; and 40 major high rise buildings Peachtree Street looking south toward Downtown Atlanta

3 Capital Projects Program Overall Plan for Complete Streets
Results oriented – Innovative & Sustainable Approaches yielded: $400M in public and private funds to build streetscapes, bridges, roads, plazas and other improvements in Midtown 14 miles of new sidewalks with 730 new street lights and 820 shade trees Over 100,000 square feet of new median and plaza landscaping 3 new public plazas and 3 temporary private park spaces 3 new bridges

4 Sidewalk Expansion Peachtree and West Peachtree Streets
Support from hundreds of adjacent property owners who gave easements 14 miles of more beautiful, wider, well lit, and tree-lined sidewalks have been built throughout Midtown’s high density corridors Replaced 2 two travel lanes with parallel parking, bike lanes and wider sidewalks

5 Crosswalks 10th Street Streetscape
Features a high-visibility crosswalk with solar-powered flashing lights to alert vehicle drivers of pedestrian presence Corridor links Georgia Institute of Technology and the Midtown MARTA Rail Station to Piedmont Park, and includes a mid-block crossing at the transit station Improvements typical of Midtown Alliance’s “complete streets” projects: New sidewalks Curbs Overhead utility burial Water-wise landscaping Lighting ADA improvements

6 Urban Plazas Ponce de Leon Plaza
Repurposed excess road capacity by removing a slip lane to create an urban plaza Increased pedestrian safety Aesthetic improvement for adjacent Fox Theater, hotel and historic condominium

7 Signature Parks Arts District Plaza
Highly visible intersection of Peachtree & 15th Streets in heart of Atlanta’s Arts District Removed slip lane to create new public gathering space Focused new pedestrian plaza around existing fountain and statue Sustainable pervious granite paving Shade trees, umbrellas, and movable tables and chairs Wi-fi enabled park

8 Pop-Up / Temp Parks 18th Street and West Peachtree
Collaboration with land owners to repurpose parcels as temporary public amenities until properties are ready for permanent development

9 Bridges 14th Street Bridge and Streetscape Enhancements
Redefined what an interstate bridge can be by adding: Water-wise landscaping Medians Broader sidewalks Decorative fencing with color LED lighting; and Pedestrian amenities Create a new Gateway identity through improvements to existing bridge One of many partnerships with GDOT

10 Future Improvements Juniper Street Midtown’s signature green street
12 consecutive linear blocks Buffered bicycle lane and storm water catchment and mitigation areas (bioswales) Midtown’s standard sidewalk, lighting, and landscape improvements

11 Future Partnerships New Bike Facilities – 10th Street Cycle Track
Partnership with the City of Atlanta, the PATH Foundation, and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. A two-way separated bicycle facility on 10th St. Will connect the BeltLine’s Eastside Trail to Piedmont Park, and other area bicycle facilities Capitalizes on 4 miles of bike facilities that have already been implemented Another 9 miles of new bike facilities are under construction or in design

12 The Midtown of today is a cosmopolitan center where people, business, and culture have converged to make an authentic live-work-play community with a personality all its own. And now that it’s arrived, Midtown is playing a significant role in positioning Atlanta as a model 21st-century city and creative class mecca.

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