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Advisory Committee Meeting April 16, 2014 6:30pm Downtown Livability Initiative.

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1 Advisory Committee Meeting April 16, 2014 6:30pm Downtown Livability Initiative

2 Downtown Livability Committee Schedule March: Pedestrian Corridor, Public Open Spaces Tonight: Amenity System Framework, Design Guidelines Tentative schedule for the remaining topics:  May meeting: Height and Form (incl. DT-OLB), Downtown Parking  June meeting: Incentive System Economics/Calibration, Finalize Recommendations & Wrap-Up  Planning public event to occur between May and June meetings (target early June) 2

3 Downtown Livability Process to Form Recommendations  What Works, What Doesn’t Work, and Areas for Improvement: Land Use Code Audits, Public Engagement/Focus Groups, Advisory Committee Review  Alternatives & Strategies to Evaluate: Broad range identified at Committee’s January 15 Workshop; provided direction to staff for evaluation and refinement  Proposed Approaches: –Intended to reflect Committee discussion to date and staff review against evaluation criteria  Ultimate Recommendations are from the Committee: –Committee may modify any proposed approaches or request additional analysis in forming their recommendations to Council 3

4 Downtown Livability Amenity Incentive System  Direction from January 15 alternatives workshop #1Develop a shorter, more focused amenity list #1aSelect packages of highest priority amenities to move forward for economic analysis #1bIdentify which current amenities should be shifted to development requirements, with base height and density adjusted accordingly 4

5 Downtown Livability City Center East Base FAR: 5.0 Max FAR: 8.0 Built FAR: 6.3 Max Ht: 300 feet, but 450 if Pedestrian Corridor built Built Ht: 343 feet as built Amenity Incentive Example 5 547,963 SF

6 Downtown Livability Overarching Themes from CAC Discussion  Focus on amenities most important to achieving livability and desired future for Downtown.  Consider what needs to be incentivized vs. what market will do without incentives.  Provide flexibility to encourage creative design.  Amenities should help reinforce Downtown neighborhood identity.  Modified incentive system must be feasible and act as a real incentive. 6

7 Downtown Livability Amenity List from Jan. 15 Workshop 7 Public Gathering Space/Placemaking Major Pedestrian CorridorExisting List Pedestrian-Oriented FrontageExisting List Signature Streets New Idea Third Places, gathering places New Idea Farmers Market Space New Idea Parks/Green/Open Space Outdoor Plaza Existing List Landscape Feature Existing List Landscape Area Existing List Donation of Park Property Existing List Residential Entry Courtyard Existing List Active Recreation Area Existing List Enclosed Plaza Existing List Upper Level Plaza New Idea Green Space/Open SpaceNew Idea Pocket Parks & Urban Courtyards New Idea Green Streets Concepts New Idea Landmark Tree Preservation New Idea Significant Tree Planting New Idea Activated Rooftops New Idea Connectivity Connectivity through Plazas and Blocks; Connections to Neighborhoods New Idea Midblock Crossings New Idea Pedestrian BridgesNew Idea Weather Protection Marquee Existing List Awning Existing List Arcade Existing List Freestanding Canopies at Corners New Idea Parking Underground ParkingExisting List Above Grade Parking Existing List Above Grade Parking in Residential Bldg. Existing List Electric Car Charging New Idea Bike Parking and Other Facilities New Idea Housing Residential Uses Existing List Affordable Housing New Idea Neighborhood-Serving Uses Public Meeting Rooms Existing List Child Care Services Existing List Retail FoodExisting List Space for Non-profit Social ServicesExisting List Partnership for Downtown SchoolNew Idea Arts and Culture Performing Arts Space Existing List Sculpture Existing List Water Feature Existing List Art Space New Idea Historic Preservation and Cultural ResourcesNew Idea Design Iconic Features (i.e. rooftop, tower, etc.) New Idea Increased Setbacks for Light/AirNew Idea Small Lot Interesting Architecture New Idea Sustainable Features/PracticesNew Idea Proposed shift to required Categories drawn from for proposed packages

8 Downtown Livability Proposed Packages for Economic Analysis 8 Developer selects individual amenities from the following categories: Amenity Packages #1#2#3#4 Pedestrian Corridor / Pedestrian-Oriented Frontage  Public Open Space  Affordable Housing/Workforce Housing  Major Sustainability Features  Arts & Culture  Committee may suggest other categories or specific items Categories may be mixed and matched to form new packages More focus; smaller bucket Less focus; bigger bucket

9 Downtown Livability Incentive System: Economic Analysis  Adjust base heights and densities based on amenity changes from current list  Prioritize and value new amenities with consideration of: –Potential height & density increases –Cost to produce amenities –Bonus received –District needs  Establish mechanism for fee-in-lieu payments 9

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