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Terry Deary Today I will be talking to you about….

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1 Terry Deary Today I will be talking to you about…

2 His Early Life Terry Deary was born on 4 March 1946 in Sunderland in England. His father owned a butcher’s shop so (unsurprisingly) spent much of his childhood as a butcher’s boy. Deary went to Monkwearmouth Grammar School and intensely disliked his school experience, particularly the style of teaching he received, (especially the history). He then went to the Theatre Powys Drama company in 1972 and as an actor went to different Welsh villages bringing theatre to children. He qualified as a teacher at the Sunderland's College of Education and taught drama. He began writing in 1976, and was a full time writer in 1994.

3 Terry’s Books When Terry Deary became a full-time writer in 1994 he published his first Horrible Histories book - Awesome Egyptians- and has continued to write until 2013. He is also the author of over 200 books, selling over 25 million copies in over 40 different languages. Horrible Histories books are popular amongst the kids because of their disgusting facts, gory details and funny pictures. and Parents like them because they get kids reading about history.

4 A small quiz! When was terry born. 4 March 1946 1 November 3100 5 March 1946

5 Correct!

6 Wrong!

7 My Opinion About Terry Deary In my opinion I think Terry Deary is an outstanding author and all boys (or girls) my age should read at least one of his Horrible Histories books. They are informative, entertaining and cool.

8 Conclusion I hope you liked my little talk about Terry Deary and that you all try to read one of his Horrible History books.

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