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Sigmund Freud May 6,1856-September 23, 1939 Pedophile Extraordinaire!!

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1 Sigmund Freud May 6,1856-September 23, 1939 Pedophile Extraordinaire!!

2 ●Born May 6th, 1865 ●Lived in Freiburg, Czech Republic ●Left at age 4 ●Moved to Vienna ●Entered University of Vienna at age 17 ●Began medical career at Vienna General Hospital ●Left in 1886 to enter private practice specializing in “nervous disorders” ●Developed Psychological studies from there Early Life

3 ●Free Association ●Involves relaying of patients open thoughts without censorship ●Freud used this to interpret patient’s subconscious wants and desires ●Dream Analysis ●Relaying of patient’s dreams in detail ●Helped him to understand the complex structuring of unconscious materials ●Demonstrated the psychic action of repression Psychoanalysis

4 Psychosexual Development Theory

5 -From birth to 18 months -First stage of development -Constant oral fidgeting (sucling, sucking thumbs, binkies) Oral Stage

6 -Lasts from age 18 months to 3 years -Constant figiting of the buttox -Pleasure derived from controlling bladder and bowel function Anal Stage

7 - Ages 3 to 5 years - Concentration on genitalia - Explore the bodies and genitalia of themselves and others - Sexual desire for parent of opposite sex - Resent parent of same sex Phallic Stage

8 - Begins when acted on by an outside force - Schooling, frequent social interaction - Between 3 and 7 - Ends at puberty (8-15) - Loss of sexual desires Latent Stage

9 Genital Stage -From puberty on -Sex drive develops -Constant urge for sex -Hormones

10 ●Id ●Ego ●Super-Ego 3 parts of Consciousness

11 ●Stage one is born in ●Unconscious, instinctual, and selfish urges ●Seeking immediate gratification Id

12 ●Babies fail to have whims met ●Develop more realistic behavior ●Begin to understand right and wrong Ego

13 ●Occurs over time ●Babies internalize parents’ rules and values ●Basis for developing a child’s conscience Super-Ego

14 Stages of Development Video

15 Tyler: Smart guy, little too into his butt and mom Glen: Freud’s studies were a bit biased Marcia: Freud’s weird Conclusion/Opinions

16 Bibliography "Sigmund Freud and Child Development." CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT: OVERVIEW. Gulf Bend Center, n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.. Wikipedia

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