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Coaching Programs at Clubs and Coach Development.

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2 Coaching Programs at Clubs and Coach Development

3 Welcome Aims of the session – answer your questions What is Coaching? Decisions and Decisions The Island Sailing Club – an example

4 What is Coaching? Sailor driven Sailors have a range of skills and experience Flexible Time frame driven by need Whole of life Coach sailors at State/National level

5 The Island Sailing Club – an example Membership total 450 split – 375 senior & 75 youth YATC running Learn to Sail and Tackers - 65 people through GISBS and 42 kids through Tackers Race on Saturday afternoons from Oct through to April Main classes are Pacers, Lasers (various) and Tasars and assorted others


7 Decisions, Decisions What questions does a club need to ask? What is happening now? - low retention rates after Learn to Sail What is our member base? What are people sailing? What is our demographic? Other Stakeholders

8 Decision Point 1 for Island Sailing Club Should we develop a coaching program at our club? What benefits would a program bring to the club? What are the risks of embarking on a coaching program? Do we have the energy for this? Can we get these benefits another way? Is this something we really want to do and are capable of doing?

9 Planning to Coach Form a team Identify need Choose a coach Island Sailing Club – team will be headed/guided by the YATC Principal, with Coach and an administrator Identified need - after Tackers and youth development Have a member who is a YA Club Coach but will look externally as well.

10 Decision Point 2 – Island Sailing Club How does the club choose a coach? - Objectives - Candidates - Evaluation Island Sailing Club - Objectives are Tackers follow on and youth development - Availability - Cost - Relationship skills - Communication skills, coaching experience, sailing experience

11 Island Sailing Club YA Club Coach who is a member (George) - Good with high level youth performance - Extensive technical knowledge - Very experienced sailor - Good communication skills Other resources available - 2 YA Instructors who teach Learn to Sail, both are club racers one has been to Pacer Class Nationals (3 rd overall) - 3 Assistant Instructors - one is member of HP squad

12 Design a Program Build a time line Create a schedule Coach should design the program Identify milestones and checkpoints Develop a timeline Publicise the program

13 Island Sailing Club Tackers 3 Follow On & Youth Development Tackers 3 Follow On – 12 sailors - Coach would design the program but could be run by the YA Instructor who finished 3 rd at Nationals with one of the AI’s -Objective for program could be sailors to compete in Green fleet at upcoming Nationals

14 Island Sailing Club Youth Development Program - Club Coach designs and runs program with assistance of one instructor - Target the Pacer class with aim to finish in top 5 at Nationals - The Tasars & Lasers - Organise their own coaching within Club safety operating procedures. - The club is focusing on Junior and Youth Development

15 Measuring the Success One of the most important steps - What worked, what should we do again - What didn’t work, what wasn’t helpful - What should we do next time that we didn’t this time - Talk with the coach and instructors - Talk with participants - Balanced Scorecard

16 Coach Development Assistant Instructor Instructor – powerboat & first aid Club Coach – safety boat & first aid State Coach

17 Coach Development Island Sailing Club - Identify Instructors and Assistant Instructors who would have potential to become coaches - Club Coach would mentor those Instructors - They assist the coach to run the programs

18 Summary Coaching Programs Situation Appraisal – vision and goals, action plan Planning to coach – do we want to do this? Choosing a coach Design a program Run the program Review and analyse Coach Development Building expertise for the future

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