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The Socio Economic Development of the Marine Sector in the Atlantic Area Stephen Hynes.

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1 The Socio Economic Development of the Marine Sector in the Atlantic Area Stephen Hynes

2 Overview SEMRU and its role in Marine Socio- economic analysis Defining Ocean and Coastal Economies in the Atlantic Area Regional Perspective importance within context of MSFD MARNET proposal

3 SEMRU Building Socioeconomic Marine Research Capacity Being a focus for socio-economic marine research in Ireland; establishing an international research reputation; run a marine socio- economic PhD programme; developing national and international research networks will marine stakeholders Constructing Databases, Monitoring the Evolution of the Marine Sector and Underpinning Policy Modelling and analysis of the marine sector and monitoring it’s evolution and competitiveness; supporting policy formulation for value added enhancement of the marine sector. Developing a Credible Research Programme Expanding and deepening the existing research programme through winning additional funding

4 SEMRU Research Programme Ocean Economy Coastal Economy Society Environment Marine Industries Consumer Analyse using social science investigation tools issues relating to : – Marine Economics – Environmental Econ. – Coastal Sociology – Coastal Geography – Spatial Analysis Macro- economy Policy

5 Some current research projects The impact of regulation on the development of the marine industry in Ireland The role of the consumer in driving sustainable consumption of seafood Impact of the marine sector on the local economy and employmentEconomic evaluation of the marine based energy sources Measuring the non-market benefits of the marine ecosystem services and resources in Ireland Analysing the impact of human economic activity on Irish water quality Irish fisheries knowledge project Benefit Transfer for Irish Water Socio economic effects of management measures of the future CFP

6 Atlantic Area ’ s Ocean and Coastal Economies The Ocean Economy – the economic activity, which indirectly or directly uses the ocean as an input. The Coastal Economy – all economic activity which takes place in a specified coastal region; the sum of employment, wages, and output in the region. Ocean economy sub section of the coastal economy. The Coastal and Ocean economies are Not the Same Economic Activity Along the Coast Economic Activity Using the Marine as an Input Coastal Economy Ocean Economy

7 Coastal regions of EU Sea basins

8 Official statistics availability at NUTS 3 Level Available from Eurostat statistics

9 Coastal Economy Statistics Coastal regions GDP per capita by Sea basins, 2007 Coastal regions GDP per capita, 2006

10 Other Interesting Statistics Landings of Marine animals, tonnes, 2007 Density of tourism capacity in coastal regions, by NUTS 3 regions, 2007 Camping and hotel bed places per km2, 2007

11 Coastal Economy Statistic for Ireland

12 Industries in the Atlantic Ocean Economy Marine Services SectorMarine Resources Sector Marine Manufacturing Ship OwnersFisheries*Boat Building* Port & Maritime Logistics* Aquaculture*Marine Construction* Marine TourismSeafood Processing*Marine Engineering* International CruiseSeaweed & Biotechnology Other Marine Manufacturing High Tech ServicesOil & Gas* Marine CommerceRenewable Energy Other Services Ocean Economy quantified in France, Ireland and UK. Indices of marine sub- sectoral activity available in Portugal, information not available in Spain. No consistency across available data in Atlantic area

13 The Irish Ocean and Coastal Economy Turnover of €3.4 billion €1.44 billion was attributable to GVA Employed 17,000 FTE. Provided 1% of Ireland’s total GDP in 2007 Coastal County Economy €149 billion Shoreline ED Economy €44.3billion

14 Marine Strategy Framework Directive Article 24 of Directive 2008/56/EC of the European Parliament and Council: “As a first step in the preparation of programmes of measures, Member States across a marine region or subregion should undertake an analysis of the features or characteristics of, and pressures and impacts on, their marine waters, identifying the predominant pressures and impacts on those waters, and an economic and social analysis of their use and of the cost of degradation of the marine environment”.

15 The initial ESA under the MSFD in the Atlantic Area An economic analysis – Atlantic Area’s Ocean Economy A social analysis – Defining Statistical Coastal Regions for Atlantic Area and describing the socio-economic characteristics there in. The cost of degradation of the marine environment – Compiling non-market marine ecosystem service data and scenario building for Atlantic Area

16 MARNET Project Proposal Marine Atlantic Regions Network – Creation of a European Atlantic Periphery Marine Socio-Economic Network – Put in place a formal network charter. Develop a methodology for the collection of marine socio- economic indicators across the European Atlantic Periphery at an appropriate spatial scale and with results that are comparable across partner countries Marine Socio-Economic Indicator Atlas for the European Atlantic Arc 10 Partners from 5 Atlantic Arc countries

17 Key Factors driving the Atlantic Marine Economy Macro-Economic Issues – Transport dependent on industrial production, exports on world demand – Industry sensitive to cyclical trends – Foreign Exchange Fluctuations Oil Prices – Dominates shipping, offshore and related marine activities Environmental and other Regulations – CFP, Habitats Directive, MSFD, etc Climate change

18 Climate Change Adaption and Inaction Cost Estimates versus Actual in the Atlantic Area Scientific cost of Inaction per annum (€millions), 1995 -2020 Scientific cost of Adaption per annum (€millions), 1995 -2020 Actual average cost of Adaption per annum (€millions), 1998-2015 Country Low SLR (22.6cm) High SLR (50.8cm) Low SLR (22.6cm) High SLR (50.8cm) UK59576099174116 Spain3652214152 France4114395811011 Portugal9911227 Ireland267227465 Source: PESETA (2009)

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