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CREDENTIAL EVALUATION GUIDE The following presentation will guide you through the WES evaluation process and help answer some questions you may have.

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1 CREDENTIAL EVALUATION GUIDE The following presentation will guide you through the WES evaluation process and help answer some questions you may have.

2 As part of the admission process to Campbellsville University, every student must prove their eligibility to enroll in classes by submitting transcripts from their high school and/or their previously attended colleges or universities. Transcripts are official documents that list all coursework completed at the high school, college or university you have attended.

3 There are two types of transcripts: Unofficial transcripts are issued directly from the college or university to the student. These transcripts can be used for your personal files, or when you meet with a college academic advisor. Official transcripts are sent directly from one institution to another institution in a sealed envelope. Or, the transcript can be given by hand to the student in a sealed institutional envelope. It is important that the envelope not be opened by anyone except the recipient college or university. Otherwise, it is considered an "unofficial transcript.”

4 Since most international students have attended high school or college in their home country the transcripts may be in another language or have a different grading scale than what is commonly used in the United States. Therefore, these transcripts must be evaluated and interpreted in order for Campbellsville University to prove the student’s eligibility to be enrolled in class. World Education Services or WES is a company that evaluates transcripts for universities such as Campbellsville University. A WES evaluation will provide you with the U.S. academic equivalents for your credentials and allow you to pursue further education in the U.S.

5 WES offers two types of evaluations: A Document-by-Document evaluation contains a description of your credentials, including name, year awarded, name of institution attended, and major field of study. It also provides the U.S. equivalent for each credential. If you have only completed high school before attending CU then you will choose this evaluation. SampleDocument-by-DocumentSample A Course-by-Course evaluation contains all of the information in a Document-by-Document evaluation and in addition, it lists the equivalent US credit and grade for each post- secondary course. If you have taken both high school and college courses before attending CU you will choose this option. SampleCourse-by-CourseSample

6 The WES evaluation process is simple and can be broken down into the 4 steps below.

7 Begin by going to You will need to have a credit/debit card available to make an online payment  If you do not have a credit/debit card, you can send in a personal or cashier’s check after completing the application. The application process will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

8 Once on, click on the “Apply Now” option as shown

9 On the Apply Now window, choose the “Online Application for Evaluation” option.

10 Click the “Begin” button at the bottom of the page.

11 Create a new account

12 Complete the Personal Information and click “Next”.

13 On the “Your Education” page, you will be asked to list your Academic Credentials. Academic Credential simply means a school you received credit from. In the spaces provided, add all of your previously attended High Schools and Colleges/Universities Then click “Next” at the bottom of the page. If you have attended more than 2 different high schools or colleges please click “Add another credential.”

14 On the next screen select the purpose of the evaluation, which is education. Click “Next”

15 The next section is very important. Step #1: If you have only attended high school and CU will be your first University or College, Select Document by Document for $100 If you have previously attended a college or university in another country you will need to select the Comprehensive Course by Course Step # 2: Once you have selected your evaluation type, click “Add Recipient”

16 Select “Educational Institution” in the drop down menu and click continue.

17 Type “Campbellsville University” and click “Continue Without Searching.”

18 Select “Campbellsville University” and click “Select this Institution.”

19 Select the 2 nd “Office of Admissions” and click “Select.”

20 Make sure the address is correct, it should read: Campbellsville University Office of Admissions 1 University Drive UPO 782 Campbellsville Kentucky 42718 – 2799 After checking the address, click “Next”

21 On the Services & Fees Page select the “7-Day service (no additional fee)” option Then scroll down

22 Select the delivery options to have the evaluations sent to both yourself and Campbellsville University Then click “Next”

23 On the Payment Info page you have two different options to pay for your WES evaluation: Credit/Debit Card or Check/Money Order If you prefer to pay with Credit/Debit Card then fill in your card information. If you do not have a Credit/Debit card or would prefer to pay with a check or money order select “Check/Money Order If you select Check/ Money Order you will have to a check/ Money Order by mail. Then click “Next”

24 Check your application for accuracy Read the Terms and Conditions Check box and Submit Application

25 IMPORTANT: Once you have submitted your application, you will be given a reference number. Print the confirmation page or write down the number and keep it in a safe place. You will use this number to keep up with the progress of your application. You will also need to remember your User Login and Password for future reference to WES.

26 The documents you are required to send to WES depends upon the country you studied in. To determine what you are required to send you will need to look up your country on the WES website - When sending your documents to WES the school or organization in which you are requesting transcripts from must send the documents in a sealed and signed envelope similar to the photo below. This guarantees authenticity.

27 Once WES has received the documents requested in the manner specified by WES, the documents will be evaluated and sent to Campbellsville University. Once Campbellsville University has received your WES evaluation you have completed the process. You will be notified by both WES and Campbellsville University once the process has been completed.

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