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Updated 08/10/2013   This user guide serves the following purposes:  Introduce users to UMeNET login procedures and UMeNET.

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1 Updated 08/10/2013

2   This user guide serves the following purposes:  Introduce users to UMeNET login procedures and UMeNET Profile setup.  Demonstrate the Step by Step procedure for completing an eCHECK Request within UMeNET in accordance with eCHECK policy D-010E update effective 07/01/2012.policy D-010E Objectives First Time Users: Please start at the beginning of this user guide Returning Users: If you have already set up your UMeNET profile, skip to slide 12, titled Getting Started.

3   Enter Your CaneID and myUM password to login. Sign On

4   If you are a first time user this is the screen you will see after logging in. Click OK to continue with your UMeNET profile setup. Profile Setup

5   After clicking OK you will be taken to your personal profile. Click the Account/Ship link to continue with setting up your UMeNET profile. Profile Setup

6   Once on the Account/Ship page, click the drop down arrow for Default Billing Address and select Search for more…  This is also where you can enter a default account. If you choose to enter one it will always auto-populate your account field with this information. Remember that this is an optional field. Profile Setup

7   On the Search Page for Default Billing Address select Accounts Payable Suite 750. Profile Setup

8   Next, click the drop down arrow for Default Shipping Address and select Search for more… Profile Setup

9   On the Default Shipping search page, select your search field (Name, Street, Campus, Department).  Next enter your search criteria and the search button.  Then click the Select button next to YOUR department’s address. Profile Setup

10   Click Submit after reviewing the changes you have made. Once submitted, you will be given the option to return to the home page. Profile Setup

11   You have now completed your profile setup, click Return to the Ariba Home Page to continue. Profile Setup

12  Getting Started  From the Home tab, select Create.  Then, from the drop down select eCHECK Request.  If you do not see eCHECK Request on your list, click the More option.

13   Fill in the required fields on each of the 8 screens until you are able to submit the request. The screen which you are currently on will be highlighted white. Follow The Steps

14   After entering a title which describes the purpose, you will need to select the most appropriate Payment Type in order to ensure accurate accounting. Click the select link next to the Payment type field. Payee

15   Scroll down the list and Select the appropriate Payment Type for your requisition.  Remember that each Payment Type is restricted to certain sub object codes.  Refer to the eCHECK Help Document for the full list.eCHECK Help Document

16   Next, click the dropdown next to the Payee field. If your Payee does not appear on the recently selected dropdown list, select Search for more… Payee * Note: that all “C” Vendors were purged on 07/13/2012 due to eCheck policy changes. Only new “E” vendors can be created through eCheck. If a “C” vendor is selected from your recently selected list it will not let you submit.

17  Payee  Choose your Search field (Name, SSN/Tax ID, UM ID#, Address, City, State). Then enter your search criteria and click Search. Click the  Select button that corresponds with your payee.

18   If your payee does not appear on the list, you can create a new payee by clicking the New button. Only if a payee does not exist should this be done. Creating a New Payee

19  Creating a new Payee  Correctly complete all required fields, then click the Save button.  For all payment types except 13: Refund, a Tax ID, SSN, or UM ID# is required. You may use a UM ID# for past and present employees.

20   Upon creating a new payee, you will be brought to the payee selection screen. The newly created payee will be available to select. Click Select to choose your payee and continue. Payee

21   Enter the Payment Amount and click Next to continue. Payee

22   Notice you are now on the Accounting page.  Manually enter the appropriate account number and sub object code from which the check is to be paid. If you do not have this information memorized, click Select to search for possible values. Verify the amount to be paid and click Next. Accounting * Note: that the accounting field will auto populate with your default account if you have specified one in your preferences.

23   If you need to split the accounting information between multiple sub object codes or accounts, select Add. You also need to manually enter the amount to be charged for each line. Select Next and you will be brought to the tax information page. Split Accounting

24   The system will ask you to specify the Payee’s Ownership Type and Payee Service Type, along with the Social Security Number, Tax ID, or UM ID# for all payment types except 13: Refund, 25: Travel advance, and 33: Employee Refunds. When you have filled in this information, click Next. Tax Information

25   Verify the address and select YES if the address matches the address on the invoice. Other delivery options include Enclosure, FedEx, or Internal Distribution. Delivery

26  Enclosure : documents that must be mailed with the check. You must scan and attach the enclosure on the Summary screen. The enclosure’s file name needs to be “ENCLOSURE”. FedEx : check will be held at Check Distribution until a completed FedEx air bill and envelope are sent to them. Delivery Options

27  Internal Distribution : the check will be held for pickup at one of the listed hold locations. This requires a valid reason and the approval of your department’s Vice President. Circumstances that do not require VP approval include Travel Advance checks and Petty Cash payments. Delivery Options

28   Stub Information : This information will print on the check stub. Enter an Invoice number and/or any information that identifies what the payment is for.  Explanation of Request : Enter a detailed explanation outlining the business purpose for the expense. Explanation

29   Read the instructions carefully to ensure the correct process is followed. This screen will notify you which Central Offices (Disbursements, Controller’s, Sponsored Programs) have been added to the approval flow. Instructions

30   Here you can review all the necessary approvers by using the horizontal scroll bar to scroll through the approval flow window. Approval Flow

31   Scan and attach the backup documents into the eCHECK by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting Add Attachment. Summary *Note: PDF is the preferred file type for all attachments.

32   Click Browse and select the appropriate file/document to include. Click OK. Repeat these steps if you need to add multiple attachments into the eCHECK. Summary

33   Any attachments (enclosures, supporting documentation or Invoice) you have included in your eCHECK should now be listed here. If you have any additional information or special instructions for the eCHECK, please include in the comment section. After you have reviewed the document for accuracy, click the Submit button. Summary

34  Once submitted, you will be given the option to either Print, View, Create, or Return to the Home page. Submission

35  If you eCheck needs to be Fed Ex-ed or sent out with original documents, please send the required documents to: Check Distribution Ashe Bldg. #129 Coral Gables Locator 4613 Interoffice Addresses

36  Questions?  Allison Gilbert Sr. Technical Analyst, Accounts Payable (305) 284-6787 References  eCHECK Help Document eCHECK Help Document  Policy D-010E Policy D-010E

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