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Inaugural Meeting September 28, 2011. Objectives Share with you the goals, basic methodology & target outcomes for Spark NH Provide avenues for you to.

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1 Inaugural Meeting September 28, 2011

2 Objectives Share with you the goals, basic methodology & target outcomes for Spark NH Provide avenues for you to communicate and get involved with Spark NH Inspire you to participate in Spark NH

3 Sparking a Movement

4 Vision All New Hampshire children and their families are healthy, learning and thriving, now and in the future.

5 Focus Expectant families and children from birth through grade 3 and their families.

6 Mission Provide leadership that promotes a comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable early childhood system that achieves positive outcomes for young children & families, investing in a solid future for the Granite State.

7 Guiding Principles: Families & Children Families should be supported by communities/ partners with stakeholders/service providers in designing, coordinating, evaluating supports, services, programs. Preventive approaches early in life provide rich return on investment & are economically advantageous compared to costly remediation later in life. Successful transitions for young children & families sustain foundation of healthy early childhood development.

8 Guiding Principles: Early Childhood Systems Utilize evidence-based & promising practices to deliver high quality services/programs to young children & families that are developmentally/ culturally appropriate, & universally accessible. Maximize efficiency/collaboration at both state & local level; align with strengths/individual needs of children & families. Set high standards, self-evaluate, continuously improve.

9 Guiding Principles: The Council The Council will build on recent & ongoing early childhood planning efforts, research, & initiatives, & lessons learned from national resources & input from stakeholders. Communication, coordination, collaboration, and partnership across all sectors of community (public & private), ensure effectiveness & impact of services.

10 Brain Hero Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

11 Laying the Groundwork: ECAC Steering Committee

12 2003200520072008200920102011 ECCS Launch ECCS Plan Public/private partnership for statewide system development Early Childhood Systems Building Stakeholder Meetings Planning for an ECAC Council ECAC Steering Committee and DOE Early Childhood Office Launch Spark NH New Hampshire’s Early Childhood Systems Building Timeline

13 The Council’s ARRA Grant Goals 1. Strengthen NH’s early childhood infrastructure. Make Council effective Structure it to bring necessary stakeholders to table Make it sustainable

14 ARRA Grant Goals 2. Coordinate development & implementation of integrated, comprehensive strategic plan for early childhood in NH. Conduct statewide needs assessment Strengthen collaboration & coordination between early childhood stakeholders Create strategic plan for early childhood in NH

15 ARRA Grant Goals 3. Develop a framework to evaluate Council’s outcomes/ impacts & progress of NH’s young children & families. Make Council accountable; measure its impact Convene early childhood data system committee > to integrate early childhood data and develop recommendations for early childhood data system for NH.

16 ARRA Grant Goals 4. Foster public awareness of, promote access to & build commitment for quality early childhood programs & services. Educate business & philanthropic communities about importance of early childhood Better the quality, availability & enrollment in early childhood programs & services

17 Spark NH Funding

18 Spark NH Staff

19 Council Members Introductions


21 First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

22 Council Administration

23 Committees & Task Forces Where you join in…

24 Early Childhood Data System Committee Recommendations for integrated EC data system –Policy & resource issues –Key questions to be answered –Process to use integrated data to inform policy & practice

25 Evaluation Committee Council accountability –Design/implement evaluation plan –Reporting

26 Workforce & Professional Development Committee Recommendations/implementation re: recruitment, retention, advancement & support of qualified professionals across EC programs

27 Communications & Public Awareness Committee Create/maintain information loop Build public awareness Foster commitment to early childhood

28 Funding & Sustainability Committee Identify/secure sources of funding & support for: -Early childhood programs/services -Council operations (dedicated staff)

29 Policy Committee Coordinate development/ implementation of strategic plan for early childhood in NH Collaborate with state leaders to identify/support changes in policy that could benefit young children & families

30 Quality of Early Childhood Programs & Services Committee Advise lead agencies re: Federal/State programs/services Review/revise as feasible quality standards for early childhood programs & services Ensure access to/coordination among programs & services

31 Nominating Committee Identify/nominate members to fill vacant Council positions

32 Needs Assessment Workgroup Conduct/collaborate to conduct statewide needs assessment re: access to and quality/availability of early childhood programs/services

33 MIEC* Home Visiting Task Force Work with DHHS, Department of Public Health MCH Section on home visiting plan * Maternal, Infant & Early Childhood

34 Website Design Task Force Create/maintain a vibrant/useful website for Spark NH

35 Family Partnership & Engagement Task Force Develop/implement strategies to include families in Spark NH work

36 How will we do all that?!

37 Here’s the plan… Lots of support/guidance from Council & Staff –Interim Leadership; Chair –Broad representation –Draft work plans to be refined –Facilitated session to complete work plans –Staff support to convene meetings

38 And… –Built in cross-communication & feedback –Consistent structure for meetings and reporting –Training available for chairs on project management –Resources

39 Making a Difference: Council Accountability & Impact Evaluation Supports Led by –Peter Antal, Ph.D., Antal Consulting, LLC ( –Spark NH Evaluation Committee Roles –Address accountability issues –Provide reflective feedback –Strengthen the Council’s efforts

40 Integration of Evaluation Activities Planning, implementation, and assessment at a meta and micro level Involves participation of Council staff and committees Creation of annual reports documenting accomplishments and barriers encountered by Spark NH

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