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A Shared Vision for Youth in Iowa. ICYD - Origins 1998 –selected to receive a Youth Development State Collaboration Demonstration Grant from the Family.

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1 A Shared Vision for Youth in Iowa

2 ICYD - Origins 1998 –selected to receive a Youth Development State Collaboration Demonstration Grant from the Family & Youth Services Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Original Purpose: Involve state government in promoting the positive development of youth. Action: Formed a YD Task Force to share best practices, coordinate resources, & network between local and state agencies to improve policy and practice.

3 Participating State Agencies ► Iowa Department of Education ► Iowa Department of Human Services ► Iowa Department of Public Health ► Iowa Workforce Development ► Iowa Department of Economic Development ► Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy ► Division of Criminal & Juvenile Justice Planning ► Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service ► ISU Extension 4-H Youth Development ► Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

4 ICYD Positive Youth Development Strategies for Change 1) Align Policies and Coordinate Programs; 2) Build capacity; 3) Engage Youth. 4) Mobilize Iowans.

5 Early Accomplishments: ► Agreed on a definition of “Youth Development” ► Increased understanding of positive youth development and improved interagency cooperation at state level ► Promoted youth involvement (Youth Input ICNs and development of State of Iowa Youth Action Committee) ► Developed a Youth Development Results Framework to articulate shared results ► Identified multiple indicators and data sources to quantify the results

6 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT RESULT AREAS All youth have the benefit of safe and supportive All youth are healthy and socially competent All youth are successful in school All youth are prepared for a productive adulthood families….…schools……. and communities RECOMMENDED LEADING INDICATORS ► Rate of founded child neglect and abuse ► Percent of families in the child welfare system ► Family Support (IYS construct -- % of youth reporting their families are involved with them and supportive) ► Family Boundaries IYS construct -- % of youth reporting their families provide them w/ boundaries) ► Safe schools (% of youth reporting that they “feel safe” at school – IYS) ► Positive Peer Norms (IYS Construct) ► Supportive school staff and climate (IYS Construct) ► Suspensions and Expulsions (beginning in 2005) ► Poverty Rate (% of families at or below poverty) ► Employment Rate ► Adult Arrest Rate ► Neighborhood Safety (IYS Construct) (IYS Construct) ► Supportive Neighborhoods (IYS Construct) (IYS Construct) ► Juvenile Court Referrals for Delinquency ► Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug Use by Youth (% of youth reporting no use of ATOD in last 30 days - IYS) ► Suicide Risk Avoidance (IYS construct -- % of youth reporting they did not consider/ plan/try suicide) ► Violent or Aggressive Behavior (IYS Construct) ► Proficiency Rates: % of 8 th graders % of 8 th graders proficient in reading proficient in reading % of 8 th graders % of 8 th graders proficient in math proficient in math ► Attendance Rate ► Drop out Rate ► Commitment to School & Learning (IYS Construct) (IYS Construct) ► Graduation Rate ► Teen birth rate ► Youth Employment (% of 11 th graders reporting that they work in a paid job 3+ hours per week - IYS) ► Youth (16 – 19) not in school & not working (IYS – Iowa Youth Survey is administered every 3 years to all 6 th, 8 th, and 11 th grade students in public schools – approximately 100,000 surveys were completed in 2002.)

7 Recent Activities ► Developed State Report Card from the identified Results Framework ► Youth Development Steering Committee (agency heads) ► Youth Worker and Youth trainings ► Policy Forums ► Focus on Program Quality ► Iowa Youth Survey ► Community awareness through Iowa’s Promise

8 State- Pilot Community Collaboration Goals Explore new collaborative relationship between state agencies and communities; Increase positive youth development supports and opportunities at the local level; Improve coordination of planning and delivery of youth services; Learn from demonstration sites so pilots can be replicated.

9 What was the Outcome? ► Creation of local YD collaborations bringing together local entities to plan around results for youth. ► Involvement of local partners in crafting of state YD strategic plan to increase YD. ► Increase Sharing of resources between state and local entities. ► Local excitement in the Youth Program Quality Assessment Tool for baseline study. ► Increased participation in the Communities of Promise initiative.

10 State of Iowa Governance Group ► Department for the Blind ► Department of Education ► Department of Human Services ► Division of Persons with Disabilities ► Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council ► Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services ► Iowa Workforce Development Goal: Improve Employment Outcomes for Iowans with Disabilities for Iowans with Disabilities

11 Goal: Improve transition outcomes for youth with disabilities ages 14-24. Objectives:  Develop a State Transition Plan  Conduct statewide Resource Mapping ►  Sponsor local demonstrations  Sustain accomplishments Outcome measures include: Preparation for, securing, and maintaining employment. Improving Transition Outcomes


13 Next Steps ► Formalize the Iowa’s Promise Partnership Council. ► Finalize strategic plan and initiate action ► Hold the Youth Civic Engagement Policy Forum. ► Finalize a communication plan to reach multiple audiences ► Roll-out the Youth Program Quality Assessment Tool and complete baseline study. ► Survive a change in leadership.

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