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VoipNow Core Solution capabilities and business value.

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1 VoipNow Core Solution capabilities and business value

2 Agenda What is VoipNow Core? Why choose VoipNow Core? How does VoipNow Core work? VoipNow Core and VoipNow Professional Why take the VoipNow Core offer? Case study: VoipNow Core vs. Cisco + Open Source VoipNow Core Presentation 1

3 What Is VoipNow Core? All in one VoIP delivery solution: PSTN Gateway (ISDN PRI interface support) Media Resource Server Fully-featured SIP Server (Register, NAT, Location etc.) Designed to run at the core of the network providing interconnection with SIP carriers and PSTN networks Distributed 4Grid architecture - no single point of failure Real-time centralized charging engine Multi-level web based management interface SOAP API used for integration with third party software VoipNow Core Presentation 2

4 Why VoipNow Core? SIP Trunking solution that takes advantage of cloud computing replacing obsolete and expensive equipment Pay-as-you-grow, the difference between 100 and 1,000 cps is only the quantity of commodity x86 hardware Fully distributed, no single point of failure and no under utilized resources The lowest TCO in business (more to follow...) Manage everything from the web interface - you and your customers Integrated call routing, call charging and number portability Customer provisioning and billing automation Easy and safe software upgrades VoipNow Core Presentation 3

5 Say NO to 20 Years Old Equipment You will grow. The vehicle you get might be enough for today. But it will definitely NOT do for tomorrow. Can you believe that this joke is so expensive? Don’t drive something like this. Even if you are still small. VoipNow Core Presentation 4

6 Say YES to the Future Cloud Platform It comes fully equipped. It always satisfies your demands. Built to win the race. At a fraction of the cost! This is what you really need. VoipNow Core Presentation 5

7 How Does it Work? The foundation of VoipNow Core is the 4Grid framework. Servers are assigned on two layers, according to their roles. Calls are distributed across the cluster based on node utilization and availability. When a network node fails, another node takes over. When a node is to be replaced, it simply must be disabled from 4Grid management. A new node can be added without affecting the cluster. All management operations go live immediately. VoipNow Core Presentation 6

8 VoipNow Platform VoipNow Professional is a Unified Communications system. VoipNow Core is a SIP trunking solution. VoipNow Professional and VoipNow Core can be integrated in the same infrastructure: Call charging with VoipNow Core / UC with VoipNow Professional Centralized call records on VoipNow Core SIP and PSTN interconnection with VoipNow Core SIP trunking services only with VoipNow Core VoipNow platform products share code reducing costs and increase the quality of the services. Reduced maintenance costs for companies (the same look and feel, the same API methods etc.) VoipNow Core Presentation 7

9 VoipNow Core Network Diagram VoipNow Core Presentation 8

10 VoipNow Core vs. Cisco + Open Source The Customer: A growing, but still small wholesale VoIP provider Basic needs: A VoIP delivery platform with integrated management, call routing, media control and call charging Deployment required: Last month Current capacity requirements: 1,200 concurrent calls to PSTN over ISDN PRI 600 concurrent calls with SIP interconnects 500 cps at peak 50k SIP subscribers The customer received offers between US $105k and US $348k VoipNow Core Presentation 9

11 Competition: Mixed Cisco + Open Source Offer Technical solution: 3 x Cisco AS5400XM and 3 x Intel Xeon servers (total 9 RU) running OpenSER + various Open Source software Services offered: Everything required to go into production Setup costs: US $105k (hardware, services, custom software development) + US $22k per year. Deployment time: 6 weeks Disadvantages: Only a basic management interface for the administrator Basic charging engine, no number portability, no provisioning, no media interaction, no centralized management, no upgrade path, and no expectations to get more features No redundancy on PSTN Gateway and basic HA at SIP server level A complicated and expensive (US $23k per 480 PSTN lines) growth plan offered by the vendor VoipNow Core Presentation 10

12 4PSA: VoipNow Core Standard Product Technical solution: a cluster with ten Intel Xeon nodes (10 RU) Services offered: The full range of services needed to go into production Setup costs: US $65k (hardware, services, licensing) + US $33k per year (maintenance and licensing). Deployment time: three days Advantages: Redundant infrastructure that can survive with two nodes down (even with worker nodes that have physical ISDN PRI connections) Capable to handle many SIP calls and more than 100k subscribers (the customer wanted to get even more servers in order to put a lower load on each of them) Centralized management, integrated billing, provisioning, call charging, number portability, API used for integration with other systems, easy upgrades One node can be added in less than one hour, adding 240 PSTN calls or up to 700 SIP calls – it costs less than US $5k VoipNow Core Presentation 11

13 Conclusions Over a three year period the customer will spend US $164k (VoipNow Core) vs. US $171k (Cisco + Open Source). Cannot really estimate real expenses on choosing Cisco + Open Source (there is a lot of risk involved): High human costs due to lack of Automation The solution requires strong focus on technical aspects High infrastructure scaling costs resulting in higher prices for customers The risk of losing business deals due to infrastructure downtime Unpredictable costs to stay updated with market trends (if possible) Missed opportunities due to basic charging features No future opportunities to expand to Unified Communications A good chance the vendor goes out of business VoipNow Core Presentation 12

14 What to Do Next? Try VoipNow products interface: http:/// Find out more about VoipNow Core: Find out more about VoipNow Automation: Get in touch with 4PSA sales team at VoipNow Core Presentation 13

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