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ISO 9001: Countdown to 2015 Preparing for the next revision of the ISO 9001 standard on quality management systems.

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1 ISO 9001: Countdown to 2015 Preparing for the next revision of the ISO 9001 standard on quality management systems

2 Agenda—Countdown to 2015 Impact and relevance of standards ISO 9001 facts Standards development process ISO 9001 timeline Transition from 2008 to 2015 Discussion and networking

3 Impact of standards like ISO 9001 Standards are “enablers for other major business processes.” – The Boeing Company “The more standardized components we can use to deliver reliable functionality, the less we, and our customers, have to pay.” – Deere & Company “Standards influence the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of many products worldwide.” – Motorola

4 ISO 9001 facts International standard for quality management systems (QMS) Originally published in 1987 Underwent major revision in 2000 Applies to any organization regardless of size or industry Implemented by more than one million organizations in over 170 countries

5 Reasons for 2015 revision Maintain relevance for increasing diversity of 9001 users Facilitate integration with other management system standards

6 The standards development process ISO standards are based on consensus National standards institutes from more than 160 countries participate Experts are nominated by these standards bodies to work on technical committees (TCs), subcommittees, or project committees

7 Standards development process An industry sector, consumer group, or other stakeholder group identifies need A national member body proposes the new working item to ISO Working groups define technical scope Consensus-building on specifications Approval of draft international standard Publication of international standard

8 Stages in development process Working Drafts (WDs) Committee Draft (CD) Draft International Standard (DIS) Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) International Standard (IS)

9 ISO 9001:2015 timeline June 2013: Committee Draft (CD) Mid 2014: Expected publication of Draft International Standard (DIS) Mid 2015: Expected publication of Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) End 2015: Publication of International Standard as ISO 9001:2015

10 The 2015 revision: what to expect More emphasis on –risk-based thinking –getting value out of QMS –organizational context and leadership engagement More flexibility around documentation Improved applicability for service organizations

11 The 2015 revision: what to expect Use of new common structure for management system standards for smoother integration –Standardized core text, structure, and definitions –Increase from 8 clauses to 10

12 Currently certified to ISO 9001:2008? Transition period begins when new revision is published Expect to have three years before ISO 9001:2008 becomes out of date Certify to ISO 9001:2015 before transition period ends (expected late 2018)

13 Conversation starter: preparing for 2015 What ideas do you have for helping your organization prepare for the upcoming changes? How will you… Engage leadership? Mobilize key staff? Communicate to the rest of the organization?

14 Conversation starters—new opportunities What new opportunities for quality in your organization can you find in the upcoming changes? What can you do to unlock them?

15 Conversation starters: your QMS How do you define the value proposition of your current quality management system? Why should your customers care if your organization is ISO 9001 certified?

16 Keep talking about ISO 9001:2015 -iso-9001-2015.html


18 Continue the discussion Complete post-meeting survey or contact to: Offer feedback Recommend topics for your meetings Get help finding content

19 Get involved in standards development Want to have a voice in the ongoing development of ISO 9001 or other standards? Contact the ASQ standards team at

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