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Graduate Student Association September 2009 Business Meeting.

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1 Graduate Student Association September 2009 Business Meeting

2 The Executive Committee 2009 – 2010 School Year President: Mikael Wagner Vice President: Xiaopeng Li Treasurer: Amy Stanley Secretary: Bhavin Shah GRGA Chair: Phooiwah Khoo PDA Chair: Rinky Alreja

3 Calendar of Events Fall 2008 Semester 9/11September Business Meeting 9/18Club Registration Deadline Finalized Agenda for October Bus. Meeting 10/2October Business Meeting 11/6November Business Meeting 12/4Holiday Party / December Business Meeting Spring 2009 Semester 2/5February Business Meeting 3/5March Business Meeting 4/2April Business Meeting TBA Spring Awards Banquet (Saturday) 5/7May Business Meeting

4 A Note about TLA’s and other Acronyms GSA: Graduate Student Association GSO: Graduate Student Organization PDA: Professional Development Award GRGA: Graduate Research Grant Award EXCOM: Executive Committee SAO: Student Activities Office

5 Club Registration Get a form here or from the GSA Web Site Submit by September 18 th to Debbie White’s Office in Cumnock Hall Clubs MUST get a University e-mail address (see your advisor)

6 Club Participation Clubs are expected to volunteer to assist with business meeting food and cleanup Clubs are expected to send members to serve with various committees – GRGA Committee – PDA Committee – Holiday Banquet Committee – Spring Banquet Committee

7 Treasurer’s Notes

8 GSA Budget Total GSA budget – $55,000 Total encumbered – ~$34,000 Club allotments – TBD

9 2009-2010 Budget Breakdown

10 Important Information All travel reimbursements must be turned into GSA office Order from WB Mason when applicable Reimbursement deadlines: – Fall Semester is December 11 th – Spring Semester is April 30 th

11 Graduate Research Grant Award For good research

12 GRGA GRGA grants awards to good research proposals every semester. Applications deadlines – tentative dates, ~ Fall 2009 – 3 rd week of October ~ Spring 2009 - 2 nd week of March The applications will be reviewed by the GRGA committee (which will involve students with varied backgrounds) and the recipients declared in the following GSA meeting. The money can be used for various encumbered expenses of the proposed work and reimbursed from the association at the end of the semester.

13 GRGA Application Process Forms are available from the GSA web site. Submit copies of all forms to the GSA office Kitson 300 in clearly labeled envelopes Applications are reviewed by the board once per semester. Board consists of graduate student volunteers, contact Sethu for info Make copies of all documents for record purposes

14 What is PDA? PDA stands for Professional Development Awards. Financial assistance for attending conferences, seminars, etc.

15 Who is eligible for PDA application? ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS

16 How to apply for PDA? Forms are available at the GSA web site – Fill the Travel Authorization and Liability Waiver forms. Fill the PDA application and Travel Reimbursement forms. Submit the completed PDA application at GSA office Kitson 300 in clearly labeled envelopes.

17 Requirements for getting PDA? Submit Travel Authorization and Liability Waiver forms to Debbie White at Cumnock Hall (Provost’s office) before leaving for your conference, seminar, etc. or the PDA CANNOT be granted. SAVE ALL TRAVEL RECEIPTS! Original receipts must be submitted with Travel Reimbursement form. (Make copies of all the documents and receipts for records.) Copy of Credit card statement must be submitted.

18 What can be reimbursed? Transportation, Lodging and Conference registration fees

19 What cannot be reimbursed? Food Entertainment costs Payments made BY/TO ‘third party’

20 What amount is reimbursed? Non-presenting students - $250 Presenting students - $500

21 What is the deadline for PDA application? No earlier than one month before the departure date of the trip, OR No later than one month after the return date.

22 How are PDA funds awarded? The PDA budget is set based on the total GSA funds available. PDA’s are awarded on a first come first serve basis. Only one PDA award per student per academic year. PDA Applications are reviewed by the PDA board once per semester. PDA Board consists of graduate student volunteers from many departments. PDA Board volunteers should contact Rinky Devre.

23 2008 – 2009 GSO Requirements Minutes from at least one meeting Events paid for by funding Approx. amounts for each event

24 Questions, Comments, and Concerns?

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