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2 What is HeartLine? Connects Oklahomans to help, hope, and information- 24 hours a day.  2-1-1  Care Line 848-CARE  Problem Gamblers Line  Suicide Lifelines  1-800-273-Talk  1-800-Suicide  Suicide Prevention Outreach program

3 Suicide Statistics 2 nd leading cause of death for youth ages 10-24 in Oklahoma 25% of students will make a suicide plan before graduating At least 10% of students will attempt suicide For every 1 completed suicide there are at least 10 attempts 11% of students self identify when asked if considering suicide

4 Common Questions If we talk about suicide, won’t that give them the idea? Lots of people talk about it, but they aren’t serious, are they? If they want to kill themselves, can we stop them? They only do it to get attention, don’t they? Don’t only certain types of people kill themselves?

5 HELP Program Healthy Education for Life Program Target students ages10-24  Middle Schools  High Schools  Colleges 45 minute Presentation  Video  Warning Signs  What to Do  Ask, Listen, Tell  Assessment

6 Assessment Form

7 Ways To Prevent Suicide Look for the Warning Signs QPR  Question  Persuade  Referral

8 Warning Signs Withdrawal Loss of Relationships Sudden Unexpected Life Changes  Death in the family, divorce, financial struggles Self-destructive Behaviors Suicide Threats Feeling Hopeless, Sadness, Despair Giving away Possessions Drug and Alcohol Abuse Previous Attempts

9 QPR Question  Ask the individual directly if they are thinking about suicide. Persuade  Persuade the individual to not end their life and to get help  Listen to individual  Avoid judgment and condemnation Referral  Do not leave the individual alone  Seek out mental health professional (counselor)  Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), 1-800-Suicide, or 2-1-1  If in the act- immediately call 9-1-1

10 Questions and Answers

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