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Suicide Prevention Lesson 2.

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1 Suicide Prevention Lesson 2

2 Suicide Risk Factors Alienation-the feeling of being isolated and separated from everyone else. Suicide-the act of intentionally taking ones life. More than 90% of people who kill themselves, suffered from depression or another mental disorder.

3 Risk Factors…………. Alcohol abuse Drug abuse
History of physical or sexual abuse Previous family history of Suicide or mental/emotional disorders.

4 Verbal Warning signs Direct Statements “I want to die”
“I don’t want to live any more” “I wish I were dead Indirect Statements “ I won’t have to put up with this much longer” “I just want to go to sleep and never wake up” “Nothing Matters” “What’s the use” “Soon the pain will be all over” Poem writing, Song Lyrics or diary entries that deal with death

5 Non-Verbal Behavioral Signs
Obsessed with death. Loss of Friends-withdrawals from them. Personality changes are major. Gives away personal things. Complains of physical problems. School work drops off.

6 Ideas to prevent Suicide
If someone is talking about Suicide-Take them seriously!! Seek intervention as soon as possible Tell someone!! Preferably an adult or someone of authority

7 Helping others with M/E issues
Start a meaningful conversation: Showing interest and compassion for a person can go a long ways. Listen, be patient and understanding. Show support & ask questions Let them know that most problems can be solved. Emphasize that suicide is NOT the answer. Get them to seek help! Encourage them to talk to their parents, pastor, counselor, or other trusted adult.

8 Discussion Questions A person suffering from depression feels both helpless and hopeless. How do these feelings make it hard for depressed person to get help? How do they overcome these feelings? List the different resources you have to get help if a friend or family member was thinking of suicide. Are there some in this building? List

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