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Incredible Years School Readiness Development in Flintshire Gail Bennett Early Years and Family Support Manager Jenni Rochfort.

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1 Incredible Years School Readiness Development in Flintshire Gail Bennett Early Years and Family Support Manager Jenni Rochfort Lead Parenting Practitioner 01244 551140

2 Incredible Years School Readiness Developments in Flintshire Aim of the presentation: »Approach: Multi-agency working – Parenting Programmes Development Group »Partnerships »Delivery Models

3 Flintshire Parenting Making a positive difference – Think Family Our Vision “All ‘parents’ in Flintshire will have access to information, advice, guidance and services to help them in their role as parents; recognising the importance of ‘parenting’ - raising and nurturing children, at all ages, and stages”

4 Parenting Programmes Development Group Terms of Reference »To increase access to evidence-based Parenting Programmes for parents in Flintshire based on identified need. »To advance recommendations contained within the Parenting Programmes Literature Review document (November 2008).

5 Delivery Models »Independent Delivery »Partnership with Flying Start »Partnership with Generic Health

6 Inspiration »January 2014 visit to Powys »Sue Evans and Ann Breese »Incredible Years whole school approach »Embedding IY School Readiness programme

7 Funding »Dedicated funding »£15 000 from Family Learning »Specifically for the development of the IY School Readiness programme in Flintshire

8 The Vision »To reach as many Flintshire parents of 2-4 year olds as possible »To normalise parenting »To encourage good strong partnerships between parents and schools from the outset »To embed the IY School Readiness programme in Flintshire primary schools

9 The Audit »How many schools currently delivering IY School Readiness? »How many staff members trained and actively delivering? »What support do schools need to deliver successfully?

10 The Plan »Planning meetings »How many schools? »Flintshire hosted IY School Readiness training »Flintshire hosted IY School Readiness refresher training »IY School Readiness Peer Group Support meetings »Measuring

11 The Schools »Aim to embed the IY School Readiness programme in at least 5 new schools »Identified 14 possible schools »Initial meetings held with school Headteachers »Invite to Information event on 9 July 2014

12 Information Event »Representatives from 11 Primary Schools and 1 consortium attend »Bev Irvine gives an overview of the programme »Ysgol Cae’r Nant share how the programme fits within their overall plan for Family Learning and working with parents »Mountain Lane Primary share the success of the programme in their school »Jenni Rochfort gives an overview of the 3 possible delivery models and the Service Level Agreement

13 The Service Level Agreement »The Parenting Strategy »will fund the 2 day training and the resources for each school »will provide 3 Peer Group support meetings per year »will provide support from the Lead Parenting Practitioner where required »will work with the schools and facilitators to support the success of the Incredible Years School Readiness programme

14 The Service Level Agreement cont. »The school Headteacher »will identify and support suitable facilitators to attend the 2 day training » will ensure that the facilitators receive adequate support and preparation time to enable successful delivery of the programme before 15 July 2015 »will ensure that the facilitators are able to attend at least one of the 3 Peer Group Support meetings »will ensure that delivery includes programme fidelity and measurements of effectiveness

15 The Training »1 & 2 October 2014 »Flintshire hosted 2 day IY School Readiness training »Trainer – Bridget Roberts »20 attendees from 12 schools and one consortium »All have signed Service Level Agreements in place »Bridget’s comment: “Incredible! Every single person (20) on this training has the programme AND a Service Level Agreement with their schools to deliver in the next year!!”

16 IY School Readiness Refresher training »Delivered by Bridget Roberts on 28 January 2015 »Criteria for attendance: »Trained a while ago and never delivered »Attempted delivery with limited success »Trained in IY Pre School BASIC but delivering IY School Readiness »“No longer feeling the love for the programme.” »6 school staff attendees (Service Level Agreements in place) »6 Flying Start attendees co delivering with school staff

17 Refresher Training Feedback »“I thought that the refresher day was invaluable. Got a lot out of it as it was quite some time ago that I did the training.” »“ The best bit I got from the refresher day was 'extracting good ideas from parents.' Bridget showed us how to ask parents what they were seeing in the clips and write them down as concepts or instructions that they could look back on and understand what they had learned.” »“It focused on areas we felt we needed support in e.g. role play and vignettes”

18 IY School Readiness Peer Group Support »30 January 2015 »Led by Jenni Rochfort and Bev Irvine »Attended by 15 (12 school staff and 3 Flying Start) »Group discussion on Barriers to Recruitment »Recruitment success shared by Coleen Mayers; ALNCo at Mountain Lane Primary »Focus on the Role of the Co Leader

19 Peer Group Support Feedback »“I have gained so much from today! I feel I have a greater understanding of the programme. I went into the meeting not knowing what I would gain, I came out with more knowledge, understanding and confidence to deliver the course more effectively. Next week’s session is going to be so much better as we have the understanding! I look forward to more inspiring meetings.” Zoë »“We need more of these meetings in the future.” Claire

20 Measuring our Effectiveness »As of September 2014 all parenting programmes delivered in Flintshire are accompanied by the use of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale and where possible one other service outcome specific measurement tool »The WEMWBS is used to track delivery and monitor effectiveness »The WEMWBS has been translated into Welsh and Polish to meet service needs »All data is being collated but it is too early to report on

21 The Future »A Parent Consultation half day with Bridget Roberts planned for 6 May 2015; to be offered to current group of trained IY School Readiness programme facilitators »Initiate phase 2 of the development »Identify a new cohort of schools »Flintshire to host a further 2 day training programme

22 Education Policy - Estyn Key Question 3.3. »Inspectors should evaluate how strategically the school works with its partners to improve pupils’ standards and wellbeing. »The main focus in this quality indicator should be on the impact of strategic partnerships on pupils’ standards and wellbeing and not just on the number and range of partners or the nature and quality of the partnership arrangements. »Partners include Parents / carers

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