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Karen Erwin, RN, MSN Education School Nurse Consultant July, 2014.

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1 Karen Erwin, RN, MSN Education School Nurse Consultant July, 2014

2 Student health records included in “educational records” Protected by FERPA- access permitted on a “need to know basis” Only electronic bill for school health services included in IEP and submitted electronically to Medicaid is subject to HIPAA

3 Health records maintained by school employees or contracted employees who provide “school health services” Health Services may include: health promotion, health maintenance and “related or supportive” services (medication/treatment records phone calls, etc)

4 Immunization Certificate Vision Exam Physical Exam Forms Dental Exam/Dental Screening KHSAA Sports Physical Form


6 Keeping School Health Records Cumulative Health Record Contents 1. Required School Health Documents 2. Medication Information 3. Other Health Services documentation; including health office visits, documentation of physician or parent communication Record Retention per page Y5, # L2372, Public School District Records Retention Schedule (2014) 1. Hard copy 2. Electronic

7 FERPA Related/Supportive Services Anything that enables a student (especially student special healthcare needs) to: 1. Attend school 2. Maintain (or improve) health status during the school day 3. Progress toward independence in self-care in school setting and achieve eucational success 4. Achieve educational success

8 KDE Data Entry KDE BOY Data Entry Document KDE Infinite Campus Standards Document Infinite Campus Self-paced learning modules WebEx trainings Electronic school health records kept the same length of time as paper documents Know name of your district IT support staff

9 End of Year Reporting KSIS Health Data Entry Document describes all data to be reported and how to enter data By April, should review your data for errors in entry All school health data pulled by KDE on June 30th Health Data now included in School Report Card

10 For More Information KSIS Health Data Entry Document, located in District Health Coordinator’s Briefcase Coordinators-Briefcase.aspx

11  Karen Erwin, KDE School Nurse Consultant  Sandi Clark, KY DPH School Health Nurse Consultant

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