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A draft introduction to WP 5 Dr. Algirdas Šakalys.

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1 A draft introduction to WP 5 Dr. Algirdas Šakalys

2 WP 5 “Knowledge development”

3 WP 5 Strategic focus and results Focus: Develop advanced simulation tools and visualization of results to support the decision process Planned results: - description of best practice; - improvement of understanding how multimodal transport system works; - understanding how the performance of corridor transport system responds to system changes (e.g. improvements in infrastructure information exchanges, synchronized planning).

4 WP 5 shall improve academic cooperation and the business development with high quality recommendations for improvement of intermodal transport concepts in the corridor in line with the overall objective of East-West project

5 WP5 relations with other WP’s WP 5 – knowledge development WP 4 – business and logistics development WP1 – Intermodal transport corridor development strategy Input to sustainable development strategy Scenario and concepts for simulation Results from simulation and benchmarking Telematic application Requirements on applications Goals WP 2– ITS Input to WP1

6 Involved partners VGTU; VGTU; Klaipeda University; Klaipeda University; Municipality of Karlshamn; Municipality of Karlshamn; Blekinge County Administration; Blekinge County Administration; Swedish Road Administration; Swedish Road Administration; Blekinge Institute of Technology; Blekinge Institute of Technology; Port of Esbjerg; Port of Esbjerg; University of Southern Denmark; University of Southern Denmark; Vinnova; Vinnova; Kaliningrad State University; Kaliningrad State University; Baltic State Fishing Fleet Academy Baltic State Fishing Fleet Academy

7 Key tasks of WP5 Task A - Corridor development analysis (Macro level analysis); Task B - Micro level simulation of transport corridor;

8 Task A - Corridor development analysis Task A 1. Identification of the main hubs, LC’s as well as the main actors along East-West corridor: Task A.1.1. Analysis of infrastructure (networks, terminals, transshipment technologies); Task A.1.2. Analysis of communication networks; Task A.1.3. Identification of the regulative legal framework for development of transport sector along E-W corridor; Task A.1.4. Review of studies on development of existing transport network along the E-W corridor (Others + BTH); Task A.1.5. Analysis and generalization of regional profiles along the corridor; Task A.1.6. Identification and assessment of current technical capacity and administrative and legal bottlenecks along E-W corridor.

9 Task A - Corridor development analysis Task A.2. Overview of different transport modelling tools: Task A.2.1. Provide overview on status of transport modelling in southern part of BSR (others+BTH); Task A.2.2. Selection of best practice for different types of transport modelling (others+BTH); Task A.2.3. Clarification of the main obstacles in developing and applying transport modelling along the corridor (others + BTH) ; Task A.2.4. Elaboration of the outputs that could be helpful for transport companies (stakeholders) on transport modelling (others+BTH);

10 Task B - Micro level simulation of transport corridor B.1) Identifying the crucial stakeholders and their objectives; and defining performance metrics relevant for the corridor. Task B.1.1 identification of the crucial stakeholders and their objectives (BTH + others): Task B.1.2 defining performance metrics at operational level relevant for the corridor (BTH+others). Task B.2. Development of micro-level corridor simulator model and scenarios; Task B.2.1 Define architecture of simulator model (BTH+others) Task B.2.2. Define level of detail including characteristics of objects simulated (BTH+others) Task B.2.3. Refine simulation scenarios for micro based simulation (BTH+others) Task B.3 Development of micro-level simulator and verification (BTH+others) Task B.4 Simulation experiments and validation B.4.1 Simulation of scenarios (BTH+others) B4.2. Result visualisaation (BTH+others) B4.3 Result and simulation validations (BTH+others)

11 Thank you for the attention!

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