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The JISC vision of research information management Dr Malcolm Read Executive Secretary, JISC.

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1 The JISC vision of research information management Dr Malcolm Read Executive Secretary, JISC

2 Research Management The scholarly record is the set of information that describes the inputs and outputs of academic research and scholarship. It underpins research, scholarship and innovation Traditionally the scholarly record has focused on research outputs (books, papers and, increasingly, data). However, to understand this information, it is increasingly important to have it linked to details of: –facilities used –instruments used and their calibrations –funding sources –host and associated organisations –attention / use data –etc

3 Research Management The aim is to produce and support the development, take-up and embedding of more efficient and effective systems and practices for managing research activity and outputs. The result of this will be that the UK HE contribution to the scholarly record will be more –Complete –Authoritative –Available –Sustainable.

4 Research Management: components Research Information Management Scholarly Communication Research Data Management

5 Research Management: use cases Research Information Management Scholarly Communication Research Data Management Data Management Planning Linking up the scholarly record Monitoring and management information Preservation

6 JISC Interventions: strategy International E-Infranet, informing EC policy Collaboration with EC, eg on access to scientific information Knowledge Exchange Confederation of OA Repositories National Research Information Management Group OA Implementation Group Regular liaison with Research Councils, HEFCE, Wellcome, etc

7 JISC Interventions: business case Case for CERIF Compared Linked Data and CERIF, recommending CERIF Calculated potential sector savings from CERIF adoption Case for Open Access Houghton report, underpinning: –International studies –“Heading for the Open Road”, OA case now accepted by publishers Repository services Assessing repositories and curation shared services Research Data Management Keeping Research Data Safe costing model

8 JISC Interventions: infrastructure Hybrid infrastructure – loosely coupled components run by universities, funders, commercial providers, non-profits, etc. JISC Repositories and Curation (inter)national shared services Institutional infrastructure: –Data management and exchange via CERIF –Research Management and Administration System (Cloud) Research Data Management institutional infrastructure Data Management Plan registry (supporting data discovery and management information) International collaboration on repositories (OpenAIRE), researcher identifiers (ORCID), etc.

9 JISC Interventions: interoperability Interoperability between institutional, national and international infrastructure Extending CERIF to cover research “impact” (MICE project) Enabling Scottish research “pools” to collaborate Repository interoperability: combining a community-led approach with the requirements of institutions and funders UK task group on “researcher identifiers” – how to interoperate with ORCID for maximum benefit to UK institutions Interoperability between institutional and Research Council systems to support reporting and sharing data

10 JISC Interventions: sector capacity Individual and organisational development: training, advice and guidance, defining and supporting emerging roles Guidance toolkits on research information management and on repositories, noting ways in which they can work together Repositories community of practice (UK Council of Research Repositories; JISC membership of international Confederation of OA Repositories) Research Information Management community of practice (via relevant professional associations) Skills training for research data management New task force to help define and support new research support roles

11 The future Research funders and institutions will need more and better management information Sector organisations and commercial companies will develop services to enable them to share and improve this information New technologies will emerge that enable more information (including real-time transaction data) to be shared and re- combined Legal frameworks will evolve to allow effective use of research information while protecting the privacy and rights of researchers and research subjects Researchers themselves will plan their research strategically, informed by a much richer picture of their research environment The scholarly record will be more complete, authoritative, available and sustainable

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