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SBAC Common Assessment 2014-2015 November 17, 2011.

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1 SBAC Common Assessment 2014-2015 November 17, 2011

2 Oregon Adopted CCSS Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo “By joining other states in the Common Core movement, we better position our students to compete nationally and internationally with their peers for jobs in the 21st century workplace.” Oregon Board of Education adopted Mathematics and ELA & Literacy CCSS in October 2010

3 Oregon is a governing member The SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) is one of two multistate consortia awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Education to develop an assessment system based on the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS). One Aspect of the Summative Assessment Mandatory comprehensive accountability measures that include computer adaptive assessments and performance tasks, administered in the last 12 weeks of the school year in grades 3–8 and high school for English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics

4 SBAC Work Groups—ODE Membership Dianna Carrizzales Accommodations and Accessibility Co-Chair Mark Freed Reporting Co-Chair Steve Slater Validity and Measurement Co-Chair Kathleen Vanderwall Item Development Member

5 CCSS Implementation Stewardship Team CCSS implementation efforts require a group of committed individuals that represent all sectors of education in order to achieve the overarching Common Core goal: every Oregon student College and Career-ready. Called the Stewardship Team, this group consists of 39 stakeholders, identified through a statewide nomination process, and appointed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Membership includes K-12 and postsecondary educators in English language arts, mathematics, science, social science, and career and technical education Early childhood educators, ESD staff Faculty from colleges of education (teacher preparation) Special education and English Language Learner directors Representatives from business, Oregon PTA, and professional educational organizations

6 Policy Questions – Process for Answering Does the question pertain to assessment? SBAC is in the questioning period itself, procuring contracts for test design, communication etc. Does the policy question pertain to Oregon specific requirement (such as the Oregon Diploma)? ODE’s process includes: ODE Staff Recommendation with supporting data, Review by appropriate stakeholder group (i.e. AESRP), Recommendation to State Board of Education

7 Will SBAC replace OAKS? We are assuming SBAC assessment completely replaces OAKS in reading & math starting 2014-15…is that accurate? Yes, we believe so. Does SBAC assessment become the ticket to HS diploma? Once ODE staff have the fundamental information needed about this assessment then AESRP will evaluate and recommend an appropriate achievement level to SBE

8 What about 11 th graders not meeting on OAKS in 2013-2014? What about 11 th graders who take OAKS in 2013-2014 and don’t pass….will they or won’t they have opportunity on SBAC as seniors towards their diploma? We do not have an answer at this time, we don’t yet know about SBAC eligibility. Anticipate that ODE will give equitable opportunity.

9 What about 9 th /10 th graders already passing OAKS? What about 9 th or 10 th graders who already passed OAKS in high school prior to taking SBAC as 11 th graders in 2014-15? No firm policy yet, but we will bring this up with stakeholder groups like AESRP and Accountability Advisory Will their OAKS tests count towards diploma? No policy yet, ODE will engage stakeholders. We anticipate feedback that would encourage ODE write such policy.

10 Derek Brown, Manager of Assessment of Essential Skills Kathleen Vanderwall, Manager of Test Design

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