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Strengthening College Alcohol Abuse Prevention Efforts in Arizona Through a Statewide Tri- University Consortium.

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1 Strengthening College Alcohol Abuse Prevention Efforts in Arizona Through a Statewide Tri- University Consortium

2 Melissa McGee, Ph.D. Coordinator, Harm & Risk Reduction University of Arizona Campus Health Service David Bower, M.Ed. Coordinator, Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Program Arizona State University Student Health Service Authors Peggy Glider, Ph.D. Coordinator, Evaluation & Research University of Arizona Campus Health Service Rick Brandel, Ed.D. Dean of Students Northern Arizona University

3 Introduction The Arizona Institutions of Higher Education Substance Abuse Prevention Consortium was granted funding in 1999 by the U.S. Department of Education to establish a statewide strategic plan for preventing alcohol abuse among 99,600 students enrolled at Arizona’s three largest state universities. Using a logic model format, the Consortium developed, implemented and evaluated a long-term strategic plan that incorporated environmental management strategies.

4 Objectives To reduce mixed-message environments To engage parents in prevention To increase consistent enforcement and student awareness of AOD laws and policies To develop relationships with key state government stakeholders To enhance collaboration within the tri- university consortium To engage border communities in AOD prevention To disseminate findings and materials

5 Statewide Activities Increase communication within tri-university consortium –Quarterly face-to-face meetings –Annual professional development training Joint activities across consortium schools –Tri-university social norms media campaign –CPTED training for all three campuses Joint dissemination of findings and materials –Presentations at state and national conferences –Development of Arizona Statewide Initiative Report

6 Community Activities Outreach to community entities who have an interest in college alcohol issues –Campus & community coalition building –Representation on community task forces and projects Engage community members in prevention planning and implementation –Organize task-specific groups for action –Facilitate community strategic planning for addressing college alcohol issues

7 Campus Activities Alcohol policy awareness media campaigns Restriction of bar promotion ads on campus Promotion of alcohol-free activities and events Outreach to parents about campus alcohol issues and programming (newsletters, listservs) Mexican border safe-crossing brochure Good Neighbor door hanger project Recruitment and orientation brochures and materials

8 Evaluation Strategies Quantitative Methods –Annual student survey data collection –Collection of secondary data related to alcohol use and consequences (campus police, student affairs, residence life, Greek life) Qualitative Methods –Observation analysis of key campus events historically known for heavy alcohol consumption (Homecoming, Bid Night) –Collection of relevant anecdotes from key campus and community stakeholders

9 Outcomes Strengthened inter-campus collaborations Implementation of strategic plans for statewide and local efforts Presidential buy-in on all three campuses Increased membership in local coalitions Adopt-a-Building / Kiosk projects Campus and community buy-in of door hangers Enhanced inter-departmental collaborations Key stakeholders looking to the universities as partners

10 Lessons Learned Campus, community and statewide change regarding college alcohol use is best accomplished when there is a collaborative partnership and unified strategic plan among state universities. Effective statewide collaboration must allow flexibility for campuses to tailor activities in order to reflect the unique needs and resources characteristic of their environments

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