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Welcome to the Montana Cancer Control Coalition (MTCCC)

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1 Welcome to the Montana Cancer Control Coalition (MTCCC)

2 Why? Cancer Burden Nationwide National Cancer Institute predicts if current trends continue, 1/3 of all Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes The number of Americans diagnosed with cancer will double by 2050

3 Cancer Burden in Montana Cancer accounts for more than 1 in 5 Montana Deaths The second leading cause of death in our State On average, 5,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed annually in Montana It is estimated that 42,000 Montana residents are cancer survivors.

4 What? Comprehensive Cancer Control Comprehensive Cancer Control is a collaborative process through which a community pools resources to reduce the burden of cancer that result in: Risk reduction Early detection Better treatment Enhanced survivorship

5 National Partners in Comprehensive Cancer Control

6 Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Program: Funds states, tribes, and territories to –Establish CCC coalitions –Assess the burden of cancer –Determine priorities –Develop and implement CCC plans Advise and support CCC programs

7 Montana Cancer Control Programs Comprehensive Cancer Control Program The Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program The Colorectal Cancer Screening Program The Montana Tumor Registry 13 contractors statewide implementing cancer prevention and control activities

8 Montana Cancer Control Coalition (MTCCC) Statewide collaborative effort of a diverse group of individuals and organizations working together to reduce cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality for all Montanans. –Partners (include but are not limited to): DPHHS MCCPACS Cancer Centers Individual health providersSurvivors Susan G. KomenPatient advocates Wellness CommunityMAIWHC UniversitiesRural Inst on Disabilities

9 Mission To reduce cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality in Montana through a collaborative partnership of private and public individuals and organizations. To develop, implement, promote, and advocate for a statewide, coordinated, integrated approach to controlling cancer for all Montanans. To ensure quality of life through cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, research, rehabilitation and palliation.

10 Vision A comprehensive, statewide, evidence-based approach to reducing the burden of cancer in Montana, motivated by compassion… an investment in the future.

11 Guiding Principles Comprehensive Cost sensitive Culturally sensitive Data driven Best practices Evidence based Evolutionary and responsive Outcome oriented Respectful of the individual’s rights, dignity, privacy and safety



14 MTCCC Administrative Board MTCCC Steering Committee Implementation Teams Standing Committees MTCCC Provider Advisory Group MTCCC Membership MTCCC Structure

15 Yearly, the Steering Committee reviews progress and uses criteria to set next year’s priorities At the full coalition meeting, existing and new priority objectives are posted and members sign up to work on an objective New priority teams develop a work plan that includes strategies from the CCC plan Teams track progress on their work plan and report quarterly to the Steering Committee Committee reviews progress and provides feedback to team leaders throughout the year

16 2013-2014 Priority Objectives: Prevention Sun Safety Group

17 2013-2014 Priority Objectives: Screening & Early Detection Early Detection (EDIT) Group The EDIT team is implementing “ASK ME” campaigns this year to increase breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings. The EDIT team will work with large retail organizations across the state to run a cohesive campaign in Urban, Rural and American Indian communities in MT.

18 2013-2014 Priority Objectives: Treatment and Research Treatment and Research Group Focusing on our support and promotion of Cancer Clinical Trials Research in Montana. We sponsor Clinical Trials Awareness Month in February. We maintain the MTCCC web site link to information on the availability and status of currently active Clinical Trials.

19 2013-2014 Priority Objectives: Quality of Life and Survivorship Quality of Life and Survivorship Group The Quality of Life and Survivorship Hospice/Palliative care on Reservations group is working on a reference manual for Tribal Health and Urban centers on the National Cancer Institutes Education in Palliative and End of Life Care for oncology. Over the next year we’ll work on distributing theses resources.

20 Communications Group Works to facilitate internal and external communications in the coalition. We edit and distribute the MT CCC newsletter; we work on the MT CCC website to make it user- friendly, relevant and current; and host the Cancer Resource Guide, which we will begin to expand to other regions this year. We will be working this year to develop other communications systems, from Press Releases to social media.

21 Get Involved! Get involved with a Implementation Team Promote Cancer Awareness Activities Work with Local Cancer Coalitions Donate to the MTCCC

22 Visit the MTCCC Website at For additional information contact: Kathleen Nelson at or Lisa Troyer at or 406.444.6089

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