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Presented by Department of Finance Purchasing Division Cecelia H. Stowe, CPPO, C.P.M., Purchasing Director Eileen M. Falcone, Senior Buyer.

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1 Presented by Department of Finance Purchasing Division Cecelia H. Stowe, CPPO, C.P.M., Purchasing Director Eileen M. Falcone, Senior Buyer

2 1.Procurement Laws - Federal, State and Local 2. Procurement Opportunities – What is eVA? How to Register? 3.Procurement Methods and Process IFB vs. RFP 4.RFP Response Process

3 PROCUREMENT LAWS FEDERAL FAR DAR STATE – VPPA Virginia Public Procurement Act LOCAL - County Code

4 PROCUREMENT OPPORTUNITITIES eVA – Electronic Virginia Newspapers (optional) County website proposals/

5 What is eVA? eVA is Virginia's online, electronic procurement system. This web-based vendor registration and purchasing system allows state agencies, colleges, universities and many local governments to use eVA to conduct all purchasing and sourcing activities for goods and services. County use of eVA The County uses eVA for supplier registration, posting of solicitations, eVA Quick Quotes and as a resource to locate specifications. Website :

6 IFB vs. RFP Competitive Sealed Bidding (Purchases $30,000.00 and above) Invitation for Bid (IFB): Used when specifications can be clearly defined. Specifications are developed by the department and an Invitation For Bid (IFB) is issued. Public Opening and announcement of all bids received. Evaluation of Bids. Award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder who meets all the requirement of the IFB.

7 Competitive Negotiations (Purchases $30,000.00 and above) Request for Proposal – (RFP) Used to purchase goods and services of a highly complex and technical nature whereby firms are solicited by means of a Request For Proposals (RFP). Selection Committee reviews proposals. Award made to the Offeror making the best proposal. Price is not the sole determining factor in award. IFB vs. RFP

8 RFP PROCESS Statement of Work developed by End User RFP issued and advertised (eVA and County website) Pre-proposal conference (usually optional) If held, recommend attendance to familiarize yourself with the requirement RFP Due date and time – clearly communicated Late proposals/bids cannot be accepted Selection Committee – reviews submittals and documents their opinion of proposal (score sheet) Oral Presentations - scheduled with short-listed firms Negotiations conducted – BAFO – Best and Final Offer requested Questions – clarification of questions submitted Selection Committee – Finalizes the selection based on BAFO/Q&A Contract awarded

9 EVALUATION SHEET Request for Proposal #14-9657-9CS Project: Tutoring, Alternative to Secondary Education & Leadership Development Services for the Workforce Investment Act Local Workforce Area #9 CriteriaWeightScoreSubtotal Program Description, Components and Operations  Successful history of delivering the program elements to the target population  Operational systems in place to effectively deliver the described program element (s).  Strategy to meet the required outcomes of proposed element (s).  Effective process and plan for 12 month follow up for youth exiting the program.  Program elements are delivered in a way that supports a youth development philosophy.  Program provides curriculum tools and resources sufficient to ensure program achievement.  Strategy to ensure ongoing and open ended services until June 30, 2015.  Strategy to ensure services are provided, at least one day a week at all service delivery locations. 30 Outcome, evaluation, fiscal control and reporting  Program meets the outcome requirements of the RFP and includes performance levels, benchmarks, methods and tools that will guarantee achievement of the selected outcomes.  Plan or process in place to ensure ongoing as well as a final program evaluation for participating youth.  Reporting capabilities  Fiscal control process 25 Experience and qualifications  Skilled professional staff to deliver the proposed services and to administer the program’s activities and reporting.  Financial stability of the firm  References  Resumes of proposed staff  Organizational chart 20 Budget  Offeror has provided evidence in the proposal of levering of resources and in-kind contributions, which will assist In meeting outcomes  Offeror has provided a projected budget that will effectively support the proposed program. 20 Quality of proposal submission/oral presentation 5 TOTAL 100 Firm _________________________ Committee Member ___________

10 Proposal Response Format for an RFP Proposal Response Format by the “Offeror” for an RFP 1. Organize response, Proof read 2. Cover letter 3. Complete required forms 4. Respond thoroughly and completely in order to convey your firms ability to provide the requested Scope of Work (SOW) 5. Provide additional information as necessary to enhance proposal submission (brochures, pamphlets, reference letters) 6. Clearly define all pricing elements – avoid submission of lump sum prices without providing elements/costs

11 Conclusion Offerors/Participants in process notified of award status Procurement records can be reviewed Benefits Process is transparent Better positioned for future participation in other projects Learning opportunity as to process

12 Helpful Hints For Success !!!! ORGANIZE RESPONSE – Based on SOW requirements CHECK FOR ACCURACY – Proof read CONFIRM REQUESTED DOCUMENTS ARE INCLUDED IN RESPONSE EVALUATION CRITERIA – Look to be sure that if the evaluation criteria items have been included in your response (ex. Evidence of financial stability) PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME - That the evaluation committee knows you or your company Incumbents should prepare response and present at orals as if this were a new opportunity Be prepared for oral presentations (PowerPoint or Handouts necessary) Let the best person on your team present – no necessarily most senior employee present Give shorter version of answers when questions presented to stay on time Have a copy of your proposal response with you at Oral Presentations Call ahead to confirm if computer, overhead projector, internet connection is available

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