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South West Peninsula SHA Local consultation on Commissioning a Patient-led NHS 14 Dec 2005–22 Mar 2006.

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1 South West Peninsula SHA Local consultation on Commissioning a Patient-led NHS 14 Dec 2005–22 Mar 2006

2 Commissioning a Patient-led NHS aims to …  Strengthen commissioning  Support patient choice & public involvement  Increase involvement of GPs and other frontline staff  Achieve closer joint working with local authorities  Develop Trusts as Foundation Trusts  Achieve 15% management savings from Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts

3 Building on the Peninsula’s Firm Foundations Local NHS organisations committed to –improving health and tackling inequalities –maximising independent living and supporting users’ choices –avoiding unnecessary and unplanned use of specialist hospital services PCTs already working with local authorities PCTs sharing skills and knowledge

4 Key messages from initial stakeholder engagement Strengthen strategic commissioning –Links with adult social care and children's services, use of public health information Don’t lose ground that has been gained –Effective local partnerships, local service developments, local relationships Develop a local infrastructure –Locality working, public & GP involvement

5 Primary Care Trusts: Strengthening commissioning for individual patients  Roll out GP ‘practice-based’ commissioning supported by PCTs  Improve and extend joint commissioning of community-based care with adult social care and children's services  Design services which are tailored to the particular needs of each individual user

6 Primary Care Trusts: Strengthening Strategic Commissioning  Focus on health, need and equity  Understand world class best practice  Find opportunities for improvement  Set clear priorities  Procure appropriate services  Achieve closer working with local authorities

7 Primary Care Trusts: Future roles in provider services No national requirement for PCTs to stop being service providers Criterion for change would be ‘what is genuinely best for local patient care’ New approaches and models will be explored Any future proposal for change would be subject to consultation Terms and conditions of transferring staff would be protected Dept of Health, Dec 2005

8 Primary Care Trusts: Boundary changes to support new roles Considerations in setting new boundaries  The opportunity to continue on our journey to improve local services  The importance of taking account of local authority boundaries – County and District  The need to combine commissioning ‘muscle’ with sensitivity to the diverse needs of our communities  The target of achieving £8m in savings

9 Primary Care Trust Changes Option 1

10 Primary Care Trust Changes Option 2

11 Primary Care Trust Changes Option 3

12 Strategic Health Authority Changes Principal Functions of SHAs Strategic overview, leadership and connections across the public sector Robust public health delivery system Performance management and development Support for the Department of Health

13 Strategic Health Authority Changes Options 1.SWPSHA amalgamation with Dorset & Somerset only 2.SWPSHA amalgamation with Dorset, Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire (aligned with Government Office of the South West boundaries)

14 Ambulance Trust Changes Aims to Achieve Greater financial flexibility and investment in front-line services Enhanced co-ordination in planning & handling major incidents Improved patient care through adoption of best practice Increased service resilience through the combination of compatible technology

15 Ambulance Trust Changes Proposal To amalgamate Westcountry Ambulance Services Trust with Dorset Ambulance Trust

16 Summary The Strategic Health Authority wants your views by 22 March on: Proposals for Primary Care Trusts Proposals for the Strategic Health Authority Proposals for Ambulance Trusts Write to: Consultation Team, SWPSHA, Peninsula House, Kingsmill Road, Saltash, PL12 6LE

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