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Broader Needs Assessment (BNA) Tool Project Phase 2 Broader Rollout Local Government Gretchen Strauss & Peter Cracknell.

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1 Broader Needs Assessment (BNA) Tool Project Phase 2 Broader Rollout Local Government Gretchen Strauss & Peter Cracknell

2 Background Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership identified Assessment as a key area for development Phase 1: BNA Tool Development and trial in a Clinical Setting (Peninsula Health) Phase 2: Broader roll out, further development and trail of BNA Tool for a ‘Living at Home’ setting

3 Background Seeding Grant Funding became available for a HACC ASM Project through the Department of Health Successful joint application by Partners –Frankston City Council –Mornington Peninsula Shire –Primary Care Partnership

4 Project Objectives To build on work Phase 1 of BNA Project (Development of BNA Tool for Clinical Setting) and develop a BNA tool for use in Living at Home setting To strengthen Assessment and Care Planning to align with Department of Health HACC Assessment Guidelines

5 Coordination of the Project FMPPCP coordinated the Project including regular meetings, audit, summary of findings and preparation of final report Involvement of Community Health to ensure consistency of the Domains identified through that project flowed through to this project Enabled Assessment staff to focus on trialling BNA in Living at home setting

6 Project Process Develop an evaluation tool to evidence outcomes from trial Gather and review Assessment Tools currently used from a range of organisations Assessment staff from both LGAs cooperatively develop a template suitable to trial in a Living at Home setting Undertake pre and post audits of assessment data collected (40 files from each LGA)

7 Project Process BNA Tool developed trialled over a 2 month period Frankston – 6 Staff – for new Assessments Mornington – 9 staff – for new Assessments and Reassessments Collected feedback on using BNA from individual Assessment Officers Facilitated Focus group feedback sessions

8 Project Findings BNA tool support an holistic assessment process & provides a mechanism to clearly document an holistic living at home assessment (with an ASM focus) BNA tool provides a systematic & structured approach to assessment leading to improved client centred care plans so improved goal setting and capacity in clients outcomes can be realised Domains in BNA tool support consistent identification of HACC client’s broad needs for more effective referrals BNA tool Improved collection of information in Health Related Behaviours domains (smoking, alcohol, gambling and nutrition)

9 Project Outcomes –Final BNA tool is very comprehensive & valuable tool for new Assessment Officers to follow –Experienced Assessment Officers use as a guide to ensure all domains are covered –Partnership approach was excellent to share resources and information –Buy in from Assessment teams who could see their feedback included in the improvements to the BNA tool

10 Project Outcomes –BNA Tool looks long but it is capturing information more consistently than before (SCTT targets initial needs identification where BNA Tool targets more holistic questions at Assessment stage of client journey) –BNA Tool provides evidence that an Holistic Assessment has been undertaken –Having a coordinating partner (PCP) to bring everything together strong benefit

11 Post Pilot Implementation New BNA Tool adopted for ongoing use by Frankston City Council and Mornington Peninsula Shire The BNA Tool template & findings from this project have received positive feedback from the Department of Health

12 Support with BNA Project - Thanks to: Julie White – Community Health & FMPPCP Lyn McKay – FMPPCP Juliet Frizzell – Juliet Frizzell Consulting Assessment staff at Frankston City Council and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Full Report Available at: mornington-peninsula-primary-care-partnership/

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