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P RESENTATION T ITLE Jane Garrett Global Composition Create the Wow! factor! Make the introductions to you, and the business,

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1 P RESENTATION T ITLE Jane Garrett Global Composition Create the Wow! factor! Make the introductions to you, and the business, state the vision be passionate. Give your 30s elevator pitch. You have only 2 minutes to impress this audience!

2 P ROBLEM / P AIN IN THE M ARKET What is the ‘problem’ or ’pain’ in the market? Explain in generic terms Describe the intensity of the problem/pain? (Asprin or vitamin – essential or nice to have) Who does it affect? How are they affected? What costs are involved?

3 S OLUTION : Y OUR I NNOVATION, P RODUCT OR S ERVICE Describe the key-points of the solution in understandable language - no jargon please! What is it, what does it do, how will it be implemented? Relate to the problems. How much will it save the customer ($), what will they pay – is there evidence to show they will pay? Describe the value proposition to the customer (and to members of the value chain if there is one.)

4 P ICTURES ( PAINT A THOUSAND WORDS ) Include pictures, diagrams, illustrations, photos

5 P RODUCT / SERVICE DESCRIPTION ( IF APPROPRIATE ) Keep this in layman's language – have a hidden technical slide to draw upon for questions if needed, Describe the product/service so the audience can understand why it is an important solution, Do NOT use TLAs or language that is appropriate to your industry, assume a non- technical audience.

6 B USINESS M ODEL (H OW YOU WILL MAKE MONEY ) Who are your customers or target customers? Include names, logos... What evidence (ideally numeric) do you have that your product/service is satisfying the need and will sell at your projected price? How will you make money? What is the sales strategy? (Direct sales, indirect through a distribution network, internet, retail, license.) How will you track what sales are made?

7 T HE M ARKET – HOW BIG IS THE MARKET ? Describe your market (size, growth rates, maturity, location) Describe your potential customers and how your product or solution is positioned in the market. A niche market is more believable than taking a small percentage of a large market.

8 C OMPETITION & C OMPETITIVE A DVANTAGE Describe your competitive landscape – what other products or services address the same market? How is your market predicted to change in the next 3 years? What is your USP? And why will customers buy from you? How will you overcome the competition? A comparison chart is useful. Include customer feedback if you have any. What is your competitive advantage, describe in terms of features, long lasting in the market, repeat sales, add-on sales – why your business will be sustainable.

9 M ARKET AND SALES STRATEGY Describe how you plan to go to market. How will you ensure your customers know you exist (PR, advertising, SEO, media). How do you plan to sell your product or service? Recruit a direct sales tea, through key partnerships, distribution? What is the cost of acquiring a new customer?

10 M ANAGEMENT T EAM Who, other than you is going to make this happen? What roles do they perform? What relevant skills do they have? Who are your advisors? How many staff do you employ? Are there gaps in the team, how will they be filled?

11 FINANCIALS Summarise your trading history to date Provide realistic projections for 3-5 years (graphs are good), What are your key financial assumptions? These numbers must match any numbers stated previously on the slides. (Investors are very astute and will analyse numbers in depth.)

12 I NVESTMENT – H OW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED ? How much are you seeking ($)? How will the investment be used and how long will it last? Are you asking the investor for anything else? What equity is for sale (%age) and is your current valuation (be prepared to be negotiated down)? How will the investor get their returns?

13 M ILESTONES & COMPANY DEVELOPMENT What progress has been made to date, What milestones have been achieved? Outline plans for the future (including this investment round) Discuss the product/service development strategy (include the IP strategy), How you will keep ahead of the competition? What are the key points of this strategy? Timeline is essential.

14 C OMPELLING R EASONS : S UMMARY S ILDE This is your call to action and you MUST make it memorable and compelling Summarise your key points Say why you! You must STAND OUT from the rest. Include your key points that make you MEMORABLE! Say what you want to happen next.

15 Jane Garrett Mob: 0423 263 242 P RESENTATION TITLE

16 R EMEMBER Presenting is about the audience, not you! A presentation can be formal or informal, Prepare carefully, keep to time! Project your voice & keep eye contact, Believe, have passion & engage, Check, check and check again (have a plan B), PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

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