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“My Business Rules” Business Presentation Template Source: Springboard Presentation Template.

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1 “My Business Rules” Business Presentation Template Source: Springboard Presentation Template.

2 “My Business Rules” The goal is… To communicate the company’s story as clearly as possible To create excitement for the company to attract further resources To get a second meeting!

3 “My Business Rules” Presentation musts Less Is More –10 - 12 Minutes only –Graphics; Keep It Simple, Std Logo Remember to tell your audience what you do Save time for Q&A, which is as important as the presentation

4 “My Business Rules” Slide 1 – Cover (and Overview) Depending on the “story” these could be separate slides Presenter and business introduction must cover: –Who you are? What is your title? –What business you are in? What markets do you compete in? –What do you want to achieve with this presentation? Funding request? Elevator Pitch

5 “My Business Rules” Slide 2 - Overview Business overview Depending on the business stage, important milestones achieved Mention your biggest strength during the overview or introduction (For example: Excellent product) Short personal experience to hook the audience and to have a smooth transition to the “Problem” slide!

6 “My Business Rules” Slide 3 - Problem What is the problem/pain? i.e. People want to use bags instead of plastic! State the cost of plastic to the environment and community costs. Who has it? Will they pay for the solution? Why are they going to pay for a solution? –Cost savings? –Increased market share? –Elimination of a bottleneck? Quantify the problem concisely! ($) How much does the problem cost to its owner?

7 “My Business Rules” Slide 4 – Your Solution Compelling presentation of your solution Graphics, illustrations or pictures are highly recommended (Remember: Keep It Simple) Relate to the problem slide List the key points that will help the audience Don’t explain the technology in detail –What is it? What it does? NOT how it does. –What will happen if it is implemented? How much will it save? What will it allow your customer to do that couldn’t be done before?

8 “My Business Rules” Slide 5 – Market (How big is the problem?) There is a problem and you can solve it, but can you make money out of it? Size, growth, maturity (graphs) Segment it as much as possible (could be verbalized) –Ex, If you are selling wheat bread to the restaurant industry, the segmentation order should be: Restaurant industry size: $5555 Restaurants that buy the bread instead of cooking: $444 Restaurants that buys wheat bread: $33 Restaurants that you can reach (your target):$2

9 “My Business Rules” Slide 6 –Solution Description If the value is in cost savings focus on that aspect, always relate to benefits Layman terms Graphs, pictures work Assume that the audience does not know the field you are in Yet, give a compelling description without using abbreviations

10 “My Business Rules” Slide 7 – Competitive Advantage (Value Proposition) What is your unfair advantage? What are the features that will hook the decision makers? What is the duration of your solution? How often it will be replaced? Why the customer should pay? What is the value proposition?

11 “My Business Rules” Slide 8 - Competition List Direct (same/similar solution providers) and Indirect (current other methods) competition –Southwest Airline’s direct competitors are other airlines but they declared that they are indirectly competing with all other available travel choices Large and small companies Why you are different? Comparison of solutions based on customers’ decision making criteria Customer feedback, why you versus others? Providing a detailed competitive analysis and listing the potential competitors increase your credibility

12 “My Business Rules” Slide 9 – Business Strategy (Go to market strategy) Who are your target customers How do they buy? Online? Trade show? How is the market connected? Pricing model, how are you going to make money? How you are going to tackle the market? Your response to competitors Highlight third party validation Graphs work

13 “My Business Rules” Slide 10 – Financials Everyone knows that this is an estimate, but still they want to know how realistic are the financials and if you are capable of predicting the market 2 Year realistic estimates – graph is a must Highlight Milestones, and mention if there is an important issue for the realization of revenue projections Don’t provide details, but be prepared to present and discuss them

14 “My Business Rules” Slide 11 - Summary List your strengths unique to your business and group 3-5 points that you want from your audience to remember when they leave the room

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