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Building and Recognizing Quality School Systems DISTRICT ACCREDITATION © 2010 AdvancED.

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1 Building and Recognizing Quality School Systems DISTRICT ACCREDITATION © 2010 AdvancED

2 AdvancED is the world’s largest education community Serving more than 30,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States. In more than 70 countries Educates over 16 million students © 2010 AdvancED

3 AdvancED brings more than 100 years of experience and the expertise of three US- based accreditation agencies The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) © 2010 AdvancED

4 What is Accreditation? Voluntary method of quality assurance Distinguished institutions adhering to high quality educational standards © 2010 AdvancED

5 Why does Accreditation matter? Accreditation matter because our students deserve the highest level of educational excellence possible. © 2010 AdvancED

6 Educational institutions that engage in AdvancED Accreditation will: Experience a unified, clear, and powerful accreditation process with a scalable and sustainable evaluation of education quality. Benefit from AdvancED research that shapes educational policy and improves learning practices. Experience a state-of-the-art web-based accreditation system that is continuously being upgraded and improved. © 2010 AdvancED

7 Educational institutions that engage in AdvancED Accreditation will: Hear the best available ideas and thinking on education practices and trends through innovative products, educational technologies, and the collective knowledge of peers. Benefit from shared expertise and powerful professional learning through local and global workshops, training, conferences, and personalized service. © 2010 AdvancED

8 Students and their parents will: Experience ease in transferring credits from one school to another. Gain greater access to federal loans, scholarships, postsecondary education and military programs that require students attend an accredited institution. Benefit from their institution or educational system’s commitment to raising student performance and accountability. © 2010 AdvancED

9 The AdvancED Accreditation process is a clear and comprehensive program of: Evaluation and external review Supported by research-based standards Dedicated to helping schools, districts and education providers continuously improve. © 2010 AdvancED

10 Cornerstones of Accreditation Standards – Quality School Systems – Quality Schools Continuous Improvement – Systems Approach Quality Assurance – Internal Assessment – External Review © 2010 AdvancED

11 AdvancED Accreditation Standards The district provides evidence of meeting the Standards for Quality Systems Purpose and Direction Governance and Leadership Teaching and Assessing for Learning Resources and Support Systems Using Results for Continuous Improvement © 2010 AdvancED

12 District Standard Chair & Co Chairs Standard 1: Purpose and Direction Chair: Gary Hales, Co-Chair-Dr. Earl Moo re Standard 2: Governance and Leadership Chair: Gail Richards, Co-Chair-Kelly Capps Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning Chair: Dean Sauls, Co-Chair- Kevin Smith Standard 4: Resources and Support Systems Chair: Cortina Smith, Co-Chair: Robert Yelverton Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement Chair: Tammy Keel, Co-Chair: Tasha Adams © 2010 AdvancED

13 Framework for Systemic Improvement Each school will have an AdvancED Facilitator determined by administration to lead committee AdvancED committee at each school will meet monthly Minutes and sign-in sheets should be submitted to the principal at the end of each meeting and a copy should be kept in the AdvancEd notebook Every teacher should serve on at least one of the 5 standard teams © 2010 AdvancED

14 Framework for Systemic Improvement AdvancED committees should be formed based on the 5 Standards Meetings times and places must be posted on the school and district website District Chair/Co-Chairs and Facilitators will meet monthly with Dr. Cynthia Reynolds, Director of Secondary Education/Accreditation District Chair will serve a 2 year term after that time the Co- Chair will then serve as the Chair Co-Chairs will be selected from list of remaining principals © 2010 AdvancED

15 Quality Assurance External Review The External Review Team Meets with district staff and stakeholders Visits a representative sample of schools Conducts interviews, reviews artifacts and records observations Provides feedback through standard narratives, commendations and required actions Presents findings in oral and written formats Makes an accreditation recommendation © 2010 AdvancED

16 After The Quality Assurance Review Benefit from team feedback and findings – Leverage commendations – Respond to required actions – Submit Accreditation Progress Report (2 nd Year) Continue to get better – Standards, continuous improvement, quality assurance Strengthen the system Sustain interest and involvement © 2010 AdvancED

17 Thank you for your interest in AdvancED District Accreditation! For more information, visit © 2010 AdvancED

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