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Hungary – Budapest CORVINUS International Office.

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2 Hungary – Budapest CORVINUS International Office

3  Faculty of Business Administration  Faculty of Economics  Faculty of Social Sciences  Faculty of Food Science  Faculty of Horticultural Science  Faculty of Landscape Architecture  Faculty of Public Administration Faculties at Corvinus University of Budapest

4 Matthias Corvinus  Born: 1443 Died: 1490 King of Hungary from 1458 to his death.  Fascinated with the achievements of the Italian Renaissance.  He established the famous library of codices, the Bibliotheca Corviniana. International Office

5 Some statistics  Number of students: 14522 Full-time: 12336 PhD students (10 doctoral schools): 319 International students: 1405  Number of teaching staff: 859 Members of Hungarian Academy of Sciences: 11  Number of BA /BSc programmes in Hungarian: 22  Number of MA /MSc programmes in Hungarian: 33 International Office

6 Corvinus international  A huge network of partner universities: 368 partners – 443 agreements throughout the world.  Successful international programmes: Erasmus, CEEPUS, Overseas Bilateral Exchanges  Outgoing and incoming students: 1st place in Hungary  E-Quality Label, 2005 European Quality Label for the high quality of the University's activity related to the Erasmus mobility programme of the EU  International Cooperation Prize, 2009 For the quality coordination of the largest-size Erasmus student mobility in Hungary  Top Network University Ranking 2011-2013 – 1st place International Office

7 MA/MSc programmes in English  Horticulture  Amenity Horticulture and Plant Applying  Agricultural Biotechnology  Food Science and Technology  Landscape Architecture  International Business and Economy  Marketing  Public Policy and Management  International Relations  MBA, Executive MBA International Office

8 Doctoral programmes in English  Horticulture  International Relations  Food Sciences  Landscape Architecture  Sociology International Office

9 Double degree programmes  Otto-Friedrich Uni Bamberg (BA)  Universität Passau (MA)  University of Groningen (MA)  University of Salerno (MSc)  Multiple degree: BOKU, Humboldt, TU München, Bologna International Office

10 Week of Nations International Office

11 Faculty of Food Science

12 Departments Applied Chemistry Brewing and Distilling Food Preservation Cereals and Industrial Crop Technology Food Chemistry and Nutrition Food Economy Food Process Engineering Microbiology and Biotechnology Physics and Control Postharvest Department Refrigeration and Livestocks’ Products Technology Language Center National Collection of Agricultural and Industrial Microorganisms International Office

13 Education, BSc level BSc in Food Engineering (7 semesters) 180 + 30 credits Specializations Wine & Soft Drink Technology Brewing & Distilling Technology Food Preservation Technology Livestock Products Technology Industrial Crop Technology Baking and Confectionery Technology International Office

14 Education, BSc level BSc in Bioengineering (7 semesters) 210 credits Moduls Applied biotechnology Environment management International Office

15 Education, MSc level MSc in Food Engineering (4 semesters, 120 credits) Specializations food biotechnology postharvest and logistics food technologies, product design and innovation food process engineering MSc in Food Quality and Safety (4 semesters, 120 credits) MSc in Nutritional Science (4 semesters, 120 credits) International Office

16 Other degree programmes  Post-graduate specializations  Viticulture and Wine Management  Brewing master  Pálinka master International Office

17 Food science doctoral school Sub-programmes: Food chemistry and food biochemistry in nutrition chain Food safety, quality assessment and quality maintenance of foods Food biotechnology Process engineering, measurement and control for food technology International Office

18 See you in Budapest! International Office

19 Thank you for your attention! International Office

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