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Midcoast Public Health District Community Transformation Grant Summit.

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1 Midcoast Public Health District Community Transformation Grant Summit

2 Public Health in Maine Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) –Divisions and Programs Nine Public Health Districts –Midcoast- Waldo, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc –Brunswick, Harpswell –4 Healthy Maine Partnerships



5 CTG Purpose …to create healthier communities by focusing on capacity building and implementation of broad, evidence-based and practice-based policy, environmental, programmatic, and infrastructure changes. Emphasis on Equity “...specific measures to achieve health equity, eliminate health disparities, and improve the health of the population and population subgroups.”

6 A bit of history Authorized by Affordable Care Act of 2010 Awarded $103 million to 61 states and communities –Reaching 120 million Americans –36 states, 7 tribal organizations, Republic of Palau 5 year grant

7 CTG in Maine Awarded $1.3 million in September 2011 Efforts aimed at reducing rates and health impact of –Obesity –Tobacco use –Heart Disease Focus on reducing health disparities State staff and infrastructure –Sub-committee of Statewide Coordinating Council (SCC) –Dawn is State CTG Coordinator –State Level Workgroups Behavioral Health Clinical (Chronic Disease) Nutrition Physical Activity

8 CTG in Public Health Districts Each district received $90,000 a year 5 Required Objectives –Physical Activity and Nutrition in Early Care and Education (0-pre K) –Physical Activity and Nutrition in Schools (K-12) –Communication 2 Optional Objectives –Active Community Environment Teams –Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screening Quality Improvement Year 1 focused on planning, laying foundation CTG Coordinator and Oversight Committee

9 Midcoast CTG District Coordinating Council Health Maine Partnerships Schools -Nurses Food service -Champions Early Care And Education 5210 Disseminators Food CorpsMunicipalities Economic And Community Development Cooperative Extension State CTG Program

10 CTG in the Midcoast Past year –Formed Oversight Committee –Developed Staffing Plan- hired Coordinator –Training –Engaging Partners –Capacity and Infrastructure Building –Work plan Management –Oversight Committee –School and Early Care and Education Workgroup –ACET Workgroup Objectives- see handout Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

11 Early Care and Education 5210-NAP SAC-Let’s Move Model Assessment Action Plan Training Support/ Technical Assistance Post Assessment

12 Schools IOM Report HealthierUS Focus on Policy Farm to School

13 Active Community Environment Teams (ACET)

14 ACET model Active Community Environments: All people have opportunity to live, work, play in safe, inviting place which enables physically active recreation and transportation Teams: –Partnerships of stakeholders –Support policy change that affect environmental changes –Seek funding for capacity and infrastructure –Advocate during planning

15 Keys to Success Coordination and Collaboration Interdisciplinary Partnerships Comprehensive Approach Leadership Equity Capacity

16 Next Steps Collaborative meeting with 5210, HMP, and others in service areas to determine process and areas for collaboration Waiting for further school guidance Meet with groups already talking about planning and development (Bath, Lincoln County, Rockland, Belfast) GIS mapping Website Work plan and budget for next fiscal year Oversight Committee meeting:

17 “Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.” ― Rick Riordan, The Red PyramidRick RiordanThe Red Pyramid

18 Contact Jennifer Gunderman-King Midcoast CTG Coordinator 505-1452

19 Collaboration Multiplier Goal: to create healthier communities for ALL by focusing on capacity building and implementation of broad, evidence-based and practice-based policy, environmental, programmatic, and infrastructure changes. Purpose: Identify areas for collaboration and link to next work plan. How- –1. Six to a group. –2. Each collaborator fills out Part 1 form. –3. As a group, discuss and record middle column

20 Work Plan What should be considered when developing next year’s work plan?

21 Get Involved Principles: collaborate, avoid duplication, respect limited time and resources Opportunities: –Oversight Committee –Work Groups –Meet with you –Stay informed Complete worksheet

22 Communication Adobe Connect: –audio and webinars Wiki: –document sharing and editing Maine Rural Partners Network –Networking and discussion Website: –Resources/Information Library –Calendar

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