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HEALTHY KIDS LEARN BETTER A Coordinated School Health Approach.

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1 HEALTHY KIDS LEARN BETTER A Coordinated School Health Approach

2 Healthy Kids Learn Better Partnership Vision Statement All youth in Oregon are healthy and successful learners who contribute positively to their communities

3 Healthy Kids Learn Better Partnership Mission Statement Working together to promote education & health opportunities & skills for all youth in Oregon by: Assuring diverse communities are engaged in all planning, implementation, and evaluation activities Providing and fostering leadership for the development of Coordinated School Health Building linkages between schools and communities to coordinate resources, services, and policies that create safe, supportive, and inclusive environments Promoting effective and sustainable partnerships among education, health, social service and other organizations Monitoring progress through ongoing assessment and evaluation, resulting in data-driven decision making

4 Healthy Kids Learn Better State-Level Structure

5 Coordinated School Health Blueprint Development Work Group Interagency partnership to develop a state- level CSH Blueprint for Action with extensive stakeholder input. Partners: Department of Education Health Division Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs Commission on Children and Families Higher Education


7 Coordinated School Health External Partners Work Group External Partners serve as ambassadors to the HKLB Partnership and are currently developing and implementing an awareness campaign on the potential for CSH to positively impact educational outcomes for local decision makers. Partners: ACS OR Dairy Council OAHPERD/OAHE ORSHEC Native American Youth Association OR School Nurses Association Planned Parenthood Red Cross OEA OR Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking OR Poison Control OR Lung Association OR Coalition to Promote PA

8 HEALTHY KIDS LEARN BETTER A Coordinated School Health Approach

9 Healthy Schools Network Advisory Group Advisory and board member education activities led by state and local school board members Partners: Oregon School Boards Association State Board of Education NASBE NSBA

10 Healthy Schools Network Advisory Group OSBA Annual Conference Pre-Session on School Health Recognition for districts with comprehensive tobacco-free schools policies Healthy Nutritional School Environment Lunch Box Regular communication and meetings

11 Data and Surveillance Work Group Partners that guide, develop and implement the data and surveillance system for collecting information on youth risk behaviors, well-being indicators and the status of school health programs Partners: Department of Education Health Division Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs Oregon Research Institute Portland State University Commission on Children and Families

12 Data and Surveillance System Oregon Healthy Teens Survey A single, combined survey that meets the requirements for YRBS and Monitoring the Future Proctored by ORI research associates Passive consent Expanded School Health Profiles A single, combined survey that meets the health-related data needs of ODE and its state agency partners. Expanded modules include questions on health services, mental health and counseling, and child nutrition programs

13 Connections to Governor’s Initiatives… Senate Bill 555 Requires county human and health service agencies jointly plan and implement programs. Oregon Children’s Plan Provides proactive, comprehensive screening and services to all children from 0-8 years old

14 Local Efforts…  CSHP local demonstration sites  Expanded assistance to local schools and communities on coordinated school health and health education issues  Special projects  Training on research-based curricula and health education standards and assessment

15 Local CSH Demonstration Sites HKLB staff are guiding four Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration schools through a nine-step process to develop a CSHP and examine its impact on educational outcomes and health in low performing, high poverty schools ODE provides each school with $10,000 to support the development and implementation of a CSHP through a site-based Healthy Kids Learn Better Teams.

16 Local Efforts…  Expanded capacity to provide assistance to school districts interested in developing a CSHP Examples:  Development of local Healthy Kids Learn Better Teams  Data-driven decision making on student health and well-being priorities  Program planning and development  Schoolwide integration of prevention messages

17 Local Efforts… Expanded capacity to provide technical assistance on health education issues: Cadre of trainers to provide low cost training on research-based curriculum and standards and assessment Curriculum planning and selection Coordinated professional development series Regular electronic and mail communications to share new information and upcoming opportunities

18 Special Projects – Physical Activity Opportunities for schools to promote physical activity among pre-teens (9-13 year olds) : - professional development series on the implementation of new PE standards - mini-grants to elementary and middle schools for assessing safe walking and biking routes to school. - marketing toolkit for promoting the importance of physical activity for pre- teens.

19 Special Projects – Tobacco Prevention Expanded assistance and training for school districts on developing and implementing Comprehensive School- Based Tobacco Prevention Programs - curriculum training - regional workshops

20 Early Challenges Staffing and capacity Keeping HKLB on the “radar screen” of agency heads Getting past the “priority but” syndrome with policymakers and administrators Balancing motion with progress

21 Early Successes Improved working relationships and increased meaningful collaborations have enhanced services and opportunities for local schools and communities Combined and expanded youth data and surveillance system OSBA Pre-Session and State Board Presentation – an early shift in attitude Integration of health and well-being indicators into required district and grant planning processes

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