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LaTeasha Ward, MPA Director of Wellness and Prevention Programs.

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1 LaTeasha Ward, MPA Director of Wellness and Prevention Programs


3 AGENDA Welcome/Introduction Define Parent involvement (PI) Why is PI Important Types of Parent Involvement Barriers Engaging Parents & Overcoming Obstacles What can parents do to get involved Building Family-School Partnership Q & A Resources

4 Parent Involvement (PI)???? PI is defined as having an awareness of and involvement in schoolwork, understanding of the interaction between parenting skills and students success in schooling and a commitment to consistent communication with educators about students progress.

5 Why PI is important?? According to the National Network of Partnership Schools, for parent involvement to flourish, it must be meaningfully integrated into a school’s programs & community. - -Help families with parenting and child-rearing skills - -Communicate with families about school programs & student progress and needs - -Work to improve recruitment, training, & schedules to involve families or volunteers in school activities - -Encourage families to be involved in learning activities at home - -Include parents as participants in important school decisions

6 Why PI is important?? (cont.) Parent involvement is crucial to the health and well- being of a child. ● As a parent, you are the most important influence in your child’s success in school and in life. Students with involved parents are more likely to: 1. Earn higher grades and pass their classes 2. Attend school regularly & build better social skills 3. Build self-esteem & show improvement in behavior 4. The child is more likely graduate & attend college

7 Types of Parent Involvement Researchers have identified 3 constructs of parent involvement: Communicating Supervision Parental expectations & Parenting Styles

8 Staff barriers According to Family Support America there are 4 common barriers of Parent Involvement. Attitudes Logistics System barriers Lack of Skills

9 Parent barriers Time Not feeling valued/unwelcomed Child Care Language Transportation Special Needs

10 Engaging Parents (Brainstorming Section) “Engaging parents in their child(s) education is not easy.” What are some ways that your school has tried to involve parents within the school? What do you think could have been done different?

11 Tips to engaging parents ◦ Set school requirements for parents such as: -Protecting God’s Children training -At least 1 hour of involvement in school activities a month. (Hour can be split up) ◦ Design workshops just for parents ◦ Set up an Online Parent Community - It will allow parents to post and receive school updates - Post resources for parents

12 Overcoming obstacles Make school environment a more comfortable feel for parents as well as students by: 1. Posting welcome signs in all languages spoken at the school. 2. Create a space within the school (if possible) that is just for parents, such as a parent center 3. If possible, offer child care at meetings or school functions 4. Offer workshops for parents

13 What can parents do? According to Epstein’s Framework there are 6 types of parent involvement. Parenting Communication Volunteering Learning at Home School Decision-making and Advocacy Collaboration with the Community

14 Building Family-School Partnership Research has shown that Family Involvement promotes student success. When families, schools, and communities work together: Student’s achievement improves Teacher morale rises Communication increases Family, school, and communities connections multiply

15 Questions & Answers

16 Resources National Standards Implementation Guide onal_Standards_Implemenati on_Guide_2009.pdf National PTA Free online resources for parents & teachers

17 Thank you!!!! Lateasha Ward, MPA Director of Wellness & Prevention Programs 312-534-3880 Office 312-534-5295 Fax

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