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 Sets overall direction for the University  Identifies institutional distinctiveness and comparative advantages.  Identifies strategic “best fit” with.

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2  Sets overall direction for the University  Identifies institutional distinctiveness and comparative advantages.  Identifies strategic “best fit” with the University’s environment  Develops a small number of goals; refreshes or replaces those goals as needed.

3 Discussion of Drafts with Campus Constituencies

4 Northwestern Oklahoma State University provides quality educational and cultural opportunities to learners with diverse needs by cultivating ethical leadership and service, critical thinking, and fiscal responsibility.

5 Northwestern aspires to be a vibrant innovative regional university of choice whose students, faculty, staff, and alumni succeed and lead in their academic, professional, cultural, and service endeavors.

6 Academic Excellence Accessibility Community Diversity Responsibility

7  Leadership in Educational Experience  Leadership in Fiscal Responsibility  Leadership in Regional Partnerships

8  Student Learning  Faculty and Staff Development  Infrastructure  External Affairs  Recruitment and Retention Please note: statements in red are suggestions for change or additions.

9 Northwestern will provide and document a broad-based and purposeful collegiate experience to prepare students for success in Northwestern Oklahoma and in the larger global community.

10 Rationale: Northwestern fosters development of critical thinking; ethical leadership; and cultural, social and academic literacy and a means to assess these. The University embraces the strengths and contributions of a diverse society in the classroom as well as through University sponsored events and service learning and civic engagement activities.

11  Objective 1:  Promote an effective learning environment that fosters critical thinking and ethical leadership. Initiatives:  Strive to provide additional internship opportunities.  Investigate opportunities to create new academic programs.

12  Objective 2:  Enhance understanding and awareness of the unique qualities of diverse cultures. Initiatives:  Strengthen existing study abroad institutional relationships.  Share multicultural resources with other educational institutions.  Immerse international students more into the broader community and allow them to share their experiences with the University.  Enhance support for international students in the classroom.

13  Objective 3:  Embrace existing and emerging technologies to provide relevant, accessible, and affordable education. Initiatives:  Increase distance education opportunities for students enrolled in selected programs.  Anticipate and apply new pedagogical techniques to fit with emerging technologies.

14  Objective 4:  Enhance support for service learning programs and civic engagement activities. Initiatives:  Refine and implement effective methods to document and assess service learning/civic engagement activities.  Embed service learning/civic engagement components within the curriculum.  Promote special recognition for faculty, staff and students who actively engage in service learning/civic engagement.

15 Northwestern will support faculty and staff development to promote academic excellence. Rationale: Recognizing the value and well being of its human resources, Northwestern seeks to enhance the activities and abilities of its faculty including their teaching, scholarship, and service. Additionally, the University will support professional development and service opportunities for its staff.

16  Objective 1:  Provide opportunities for faculty members to augment their capacity to engage and motivate students. Initiatives:  Provide funding for faculty development opportunities.  Embrace existing and emerging technologies as they improve the facilitation of teaching & learning.  Provide a collaborative atmosphere among faculty designed to enhance pedagogy.

17  Objective 2:  Provide faculty members with resources to enhance scholarly activity. Initiatives:  Encourage faculty participation in professional organizations.  Promote student and faculty research.  Enhance support for faculty seeking grants.  Recognize faculty for their scholarly achievements.

18  Objective 3:  Provide faculty and staff with opportunities in the area of service. Initiatives:  Strengthen institutional support for faculty who develop service learning and civic engagement programs.  Enhance opportunities for staff to participate in service learning and civic engagement programs and activities.  Embrace best practices in advisement and retention programs.

19  Objective 4:  Recruit, hire and retain qualified faculty and staff. Initiatives:  Strive to provide salaries that are competitive with other regional universities.  Increase funding for faculty and staff recruitment.

20  Objective 5:  Expand professional development opportunities for staff. Initiatives:  Enhance orientation workshops for new staff members.  Promote educational and training opportunities.

21 Northwestern will devise and implement an aggressive plan for upgrading its infrastructure to project a positive, growing and vital image to its stakeholders. Rationale: Northwestern recognizes the value of eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing campuses to provide a safe learning environment, enhance recruitment and retention, and cultivate a sense of “Ranger Pride” in the communities it serves.

22  Objective 1:  Continue to improve facilities to foster a student- oriented learning environment. Initiatives:  Continue renovation of the classroom and administration buildings.  Repair deteriorated sidewalks, upgrade campus lighting, develop safer parking lots, and enhance current general meetings spaces.  Evaluate facilities for capital improvement projects.

23  Objective 2:  Improve facilities to enhance the quality of life for residents in University housing. Initiatives:  Enhance University housing facilities to provide a secure, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing living and learning environment.

24  Objective 3:  Continue improvement of specified public venues. Initiatives:  Upgrade Ranger Field Press Box  Renovate Herod Hall Auditorium to enhance the environment for cultural events.  Enhance outdoor spaces to create attractive, functional and safe environment.  Renovate the Alva campus mall area.

25  Objective 4:  Explore an eco-friendly environment. Initiatives:  Seek to implement, as resources allow, eco-friendly options.  Continue with current eco-friendly programs.

26 Northwestern will build partnerships and alliances with groups and stakeholders who share common goals in advancing the mission of the University. Rationale: Northwestern values relationship with groups and individuals who share a vision of moving the University forward. These relationship are vital for the institution to fulfill its mission.

27  Objective 1:  Seek new methods to communicate messages about the distinctive advantages and opportunities offered by the University. Initiatives:  Develop and implement a marketing campaign to assist in the recruitment of new students and enhance a sense of pride in the University.  Utilize communication platforms (including social media) to inform and engage internal and external audiences, alumni, supporters, media and policy makers.

28  Objective 2:  Strengthen relations and support of the institution with its alumni, friends of the University, local communities and governmental agencies. Initiatives:  Seek opportunities to serve local communities by providing expertise and access to appropriate resources.  Develop new partnerships with educational entities to provide services and opportunities to students.

29  Strengthen relationships with legislative leaders and governmental agencies at the local, state and federal levels.  Seek opportunities to engage alumni, friends of the University, and community residents in university life and promote positive interaction with students.

30  Objective 3:  Continue to seek sources of external funding to advance the strategic goals of the University. Initiatives:  Aggressively seek additional endowed professorships, lectureships and chairs.  Increase scholarship support to provide assistance to a greater number of students.  Increase funding generated through grants on an annual basis.  Seek funding for capital projects.

31 Northwestern, based on its enrollment management plan, will foster student enrollment growth to ensure the vitality of the University. Rationale: Northwestern’s ability to fulfill its mission depends on an evolving enrollment management plan. A well planned and well-organized collaborative effort will assist in recruiting and retaining students.

32  Objective 1:  Update, execute and advance our strategic enrollment management plan. This will include the recruitment of new students through a systematic program promoting quality and affordable educational opportunities.

33 Initiatives:  Increase the number of new students.  Recruit graduating high school seniors, two-year college transfers, graduate students and non- traditional students.  Continue to work to attract high performing students.  Continue to recruit a diverse student population.

34  Objective 2:  Increase retention rates. Initiatives:  Expand and enhance academic support for students.  Increase Northwestern’s graduation rate.  Increase student job opportunities.  Enhance opportunities for vibrant student life.

35  Objective 3:  Seek membership in National Collegiate Athletic Association. Initiatives:  Seek appropriate conference membership.  Move intercollegiate athletics to NCAA Division II.


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