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John White From Roanoke Colony.

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1 John White From Roanoke Colony

2 The Beginning John White was born in the 1540s in England.
He got married to Thomasine Cooper in 1566. She than gave birth to a son a year later, but he died soon after because of an illness. Soon after they had a daughter name Elinor.

3 The Big Trip John White worked for Sir Walter Raleigh who was planning a trip to the New World. John White, Thomasine, and Elinor were all on the voyage, along with Elinor's husband Ananias Dare. After long months out at sea the voyage finally ended at the coast line of North Carolina on an island call Roanoke.

4 Virginia Dare Elinor gave birth to Virginia Dare on August 18, 1587, only 15 days after they landed on America Virginia Dare was the first baby born in Roanoke.

5 Roanoke Colony John White was soon Elected governor of Roanoke Colony.
But he had to go back to England to get more supplies for the colony to help them survive the long winter. John White left behind all of the people of Roanoke and set off for England. He was to come back to Roanoke a few months later.


7 Back in England Back in England John White found England at war with Spain in the Spanish Armada. Because of the was John White was not able to go back to Roanoke as soon as he had hoped. He finally left for Roanoke again 3 years later.

8 Back in Roanoke When John White got back to Roanoke 3 years later he found a ghost town. Everyone was gone from the town, including Thomasine, Elinor, Ananias, and his beloved granddaughter Virginia. All he found in Roanoke was the words “CROATOAN” carved into a tree.

9 “CROATOAN” Croatoan was an Indian tribe on a neiboring island.
John White traveled to Croatoan Island but got caught in a Hurricane and never made it to Croatoan island. The people from Roanoke were never found.

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