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Compare and Contrast Same and Different CCGPS:

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1 Compare and Contrast Same and Different CCGPS:
ELACC3RL9: Compare and contrast the themes, settings, and plots of stories written by the same author about the same or similar characters (e.g., in books from a series)

2 Compare tell what is the same about two or more things

3 Oranges and Bananas You eat both of them. They are both fruits.
You have to peel both of them.

4 Contrast tell what is different about two or more things

5 Oranges and Bananas Oranges are orange. Bananas are yellow.
Oranges are round. Bananas are long. Oranges have seeds. Bananas don’t have seeds.

6 2 Ring Venn Diagram It is a great way to organize your thoughts when you are comparing and contrasting two things. In the middle you put how the two objects are alike. On the sides you put how the objects are different.

7 Organizing Your 2 Ring Venn Diagram
fruit can eat it have to peel it yellow long doesn’t have seeds have seeds orange round

8 What can we compare and contrast?
Books People Objects Animals Places Music Events

9 Review Compare = same Contrast = different
Organize ideas using a 2 Ring Venn Diagram

10 Now it’s your turn!!! Choose one of the pairs below to compare and contrast on your own. basketball and football (two sports) summer and winter (two seasons) teacher and student (two people) fork and spoon (two objects)

11 Elements of a Fairy Tale
Special Beginning: “Once upon a time” Special Ending: “and they lived happily ever after” Good Character Evil Character Royalty (king, queen, princess, prince) A Kingdom is usually present Magic usually happens Problem and a Solution Things often happen in “threes” or “sevens” 2 Ring Venn Diagram Of the Fairy Tales ____________________ ___________________ An Original Fairy Tale My Fairy Tale

12 Chris and the Three Coins
Once upon a time in a far off kingdom lived a young prince named Chris. Now Chris was always looking for a way to entertain himself. One day he found three coins. Little did Chris realize that these were magic coins. He decided to take them into town and see what he could buy with them. On his way to town, he met a strange old woman. Even without telling her where he was going, the woman immediately knew about the three coins. She told him that they were her coins and demanded that Chris return them to her at once or else. Chris knew that he had found the coins fair and square so he didn’t hand them over. Suddenly the odd old lady transformed into a giant fire-breathing dragon. Without even thinking about it, Chris unconsciously rubbed the three coins and wished that he had a sword to defend himself. Within seconds, one of the coins morphed into a deadly sword.

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