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Learning outcomes in the context of the Bologna reforms Сейдахметова Римма Ганиевна Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center Ministry of Education.

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1 Learning outcomes in the context of the Bologna reforms Сейдахметова Римма Ганиевна Bologna Process and Academic Mobility Center Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Seidakhmetova Astana, 12 June 2013

2 RESULT-CENTERED APPROACH IN EDUCATION OBJECTIVE - general statements that describe career achievements and professional success of graduates LEARNING OUTCOMES - achievements of students, expressed in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies.

3 RESULT-CENTERED APPROACH IN EDUCATION  system of comparable degrees;  three-level system of higher education;  ECTS;  academic mobility;  cooperation in quality assurance;  development of joint educational and research programs LEARNING OUTCOMES link

4 RESULT-CENTERED APPROACH IN EDUCATION  for creating of educational programs;  for system of monitoring and evaluation of standards for education achievements and programs;  for building national qualification system (national and sectoral qualification frameworks, professional standards, system of awarding the qualifications) LEARNING OUTCOMES are used

5 Volume, complexity, innovation and degree of abstractness of the information Knowledge LEARNING OUTCOMES – descriptors of NQF Skills Personal and professional competences Variability ways to solve professional problems, the degree of uncertainty and unpredictability of the situation The scope of activities and the cost of possible error for the company or the whole industry and social, environmental of economic impact of the activity.

6 PRINCIPLES to describe LEARNING OUTCOMES Concreteness and attractiveness (precise characteristics of knowledge, skills, personal and professional competences) Adequacy and proportion (all units of educational programs are carefully planned) Measurability (reliable measurement tools)

7 Learning outcomes of 2-year Master degree in the field of education and science Common descriptors for sectoral QF has specialized knowledge in the field of educational sciences, didactics of higher education, theory and methodology of professional education; demonstrate skills to choose and justify himself/herself objectives, methods and means of research and teaching demonstrate the ability to manage the pedagogical process, to take responsibility for the results of professional activities, form his/her own career system; exercises creativity and proactivity, has humanistic outlook, commitment to cultural wealth ​​, adhere the democratic style in the relationship with participants of the educational process.

8 implementing special methodic in teaching process with a mandatory upgrade of control systems; Problems in measuring learning outcomes data processing and recording with possible use of documents on education in new format; creating new system of comprehensive monitoring of students learning achievements, based on the continuity of training modules and disciplines and all levels of education.

9 AHELO project - Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (ОЭСР) Systems for measuring learning outcomes Main areas: Generic skills strand; Discipline-specific Strand in Economics; Discipline-specific Strand in Engineering. Goal: to develop a comprehensive, objective and evidence-based approach to the assessment of learning outcomes in higher education, obtaining internationally comparable data on learning outcomes at the university, faculty and education program level. Currently AHELO project involves 16 countries

10 AAGLO project – Assessing and Assuring Graduate Learning Outcomes/Assessment of learning outcomes in higher education by means of achievements in certain subjects Australia Systems for measuring learning outcomes Disciplines: Business, Health, Medical and Veterinary Science, Science (Chemistry), Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (History and Archaeology), Engineering, Law, Design and Art productions (Drama and Staging) Goal: to determine the principles and Strategy for evaluation of graduates learning outcomes in a number of disciplines selected by Learning and Teaching Academic Standards (LTAS)

11 GLOSSARI project – Georgia Learning Outcomes of Students Studying Abroad Research Initiative / Learning outcomes of research activities for foreign students at University of Georgia (USA) Systems for measuring learning outcomes Goal: comparison of common learning outcomes of home-staying and international students on the following parameters: functional knowledge of the culture, knowledge of world geography, knowledge of world interdependence, competence in the field of intercultural relations

12 AAC@U’s VALUE project– Valid Assessment Learning in Undergraduate Education/ Selection and assessment of bachelor’s degree outcomes from the interdisciplinary approach (Association of American Colleges and Universities, USA) Systems for measuring learning outcomes Goal: study of learning outcomes in three categories: intellectual and practical skills; personal and social responsibility; integrated and applied sciences.

13 development and implementation of Kazakhstan project for measurement of learning outcomes PERSPECTIVE Goal: identify effective strategy for assessment and development of the principles of the learning outcomes for graduates in close partnership with key stakeholders of higher education; obtain an international instrument for assessing the quality of higher education and using the best international experience to improve the national quality assessment; ensure the attractiveness of educational programs of Kazakh universities for foreign students and teachers, etc.

14 Thank you for your attention !

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