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BETTER TOGETHER Aligning Resources and Partners in CA Regions.

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1 BETTER TOGETHER Aligning Resources and Partners in CA Regions

2 Objectives Your ETA Team  Understand the Breadth of ETA Workforce Funding in CA  Think Through Opportunities for the Board to Look Broader  Connect the Job-Driven Work of CA’s Boards to National Vision  Carol Padovan – Federal Project Officer, CA’s Workforce System  Jeffrey Chism – Federal Project Officer, Discretionary Grants  Bryan Rogers – Regional Director, State Systems

3 National Vision

4 4 Organize Community Resources SIX GUIDING PRINCIPLES Deepen, Sustain Employer Partnerships Make Easier to Acquire In- Demand Skills Transform Registered Apprenticeships Spur Innovation @ All Levels Promote What Works Optimize Alignment of Systems, Funding Job-Driven Workforce Solutions

5 5  Re-Employment/Long-Term Unemployed  Innovation in Services, Maximized Flexibility  Veterans, Disconnected Youth, Vulnerable Populations  Credentials & Career Pathways  Industry-Sector Alignment  Federal and other Partners Focal Areas

6 Region 6 Priorities

7 Strategic Investment & Alignment

8 Aligned Performance Management Measurements

9 Customer-Centric Service (Re)Design

10 Building of the Field

11 ETA Resources in California

12 12 Formula and Discretionary Resources CA FORMULA Workforce Investment Act Youth$119,122,833 Workforce Investment Act Adult$114,152,207 Workforce Investment Act DW$157,376,202 Wagner-Peyser$ 79,586,271 Labor Market Information$ 2,512,037 $472,749,550 Formula PY14

13 13 Formula and Discretionary Resources

14 14 Discretionary Investment Areas  Re-Employment/Long-Term Unemployed  At-Risk Youth  Ex-Offenders  Innovation in Service Design  Community College Curriculum/High-Growth Credent.  Apprenticeship

15 15 TAACCCT – Round 4 Grant Purpose Build community college capacity to provide accessible training programs Increase attainment of industry recognized credentials in high growth industries Innovate design/delivery of instruction that leads to improved outcomes Details $450M; All States; Single Institutions up to $2.5M; Consortia up to $15M Closes July 7; Issued April 16 Eligible Applicants: Community Colleges Required Program Collaboration with System: Engage and collaborate with LWIBs, AJC’s, State agencies that administer TAA, other WIA required AJC partners”

16 16 Face Forward 2 Grant Purpose Improve workforce outcomes of court-involved youth 14-24yo Attainment of education and industry-recognized credentials Use of career pathways Juvenile justice strategies for diversion and record expungement Details $44M; 4 grants of $5M; approx. 16 grants up to $1.5M; up to 39-month projects Closes May 2; Issued March 13 Eligible Applicants: CBO or FBO with 501(c)3 status Required Program Collaboration with AJCs or Local WIBs

17 17 H-1B Ready-to-Work Grant Purpose / Focal Points Support high-performing job-driven partnerships Re-employ long-term unemployed workers Work-Based Training That Enables Earning While Learning Specialized services leading to rapid employment in occupations/industries for which employers use H-1B visas to hire foreign workers. Details $150M; 20-30 Awards from $3M - $10M; up to 48-month projects Closes June 19; Issued February 19 Eligible Applicants: Public and Private Partnerships Required Program Collaboration with: Workforce System, Training Providers, Businesses and Non-Profit Business Intermediaries

18 Resource Alignment

19 19 System Backbone System Builder Grant Steward Effective structure Grant management Outcomes Strategic partnerships Collaborative funding/design Greater systems approach Positioned work that leverages the system towards solutions and community advancement Connecting Investments: System Roles

20 20 Connecting Investments: Leveraged $ Hawaii example Bay Area Health Care Central Vly Oregon WA  Aloha: 6/40  SF Healthcare  Lean State  Functional Alignment  Co-Enrollment

21 21 Connecting Investments: CA Waivers  Customized Training and OJT sliding scale  Up to 90% covered by WIA funds; private or public employers  Could be used for layoff aversion activities  Rapid Response and Local Funds for Incumbent Worker Training as Layoff Aversion  Summer Youth Program waivers  Allows co-enrollment with TANF funds  Work Readiness as only credential; design framework flexibility

22 22 Connecting Investments: CA Waivers  Other waivers may be applied for  Only a handful of requirements may not be waived.  Review the Database   TEGL 2609, Change 1

23 23 Connecting Investments: Policy Flexibility  Appropriations Act  Permits contracting for cohort training with eligible providers  In place since 2010  Check Your Policies  “Accidental Inflexibility” leading to less opportunity  EDD Regional Advisors and ETA’s Carol Padovan as resources

24 24 Join Us for More Learning  Region 6 Targeted Technical Assistance  Three Series of Webinars  Strengthening Customer Service Design  State and Local/Regional Alignment  Strengthening Workforce Systems Capacity

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