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Welcome to Prime Ride A Limousine Network of Choice.

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2 Welcome to Prime Ride A Limousine Network of Choice

3 About Us Mr. Joseph Cattaneo, the founder and president of Prime Ride, has 32 years of experience in the limousine business Prime Ride is his effort to put together a world-class network of limousine service providers using a real-time system

4 Our Mission To build the number one global limousine network of choice To provide world-class service to the customers To increase revenue to all network affiliates

5 Today’s Needs Increase in business volume Increase in profit Global service Global access Reduce overhead Satisfied customers The following slides show how to meet these challenges Customer Satisfaction Quality Value Service

6 Increase In Business Volume Being a member of the Prime Ride team, offers you more business coming in to you from the network Prime Ride pays every two weeks directly wired to your bank account

7 Increase In Profit Every time you service your customer through Prime Ride network, you earn 12% commission By following our marketing plan you should experience at least 25% growth in the next year

8 Global Service By being an affiliate of the Prime Ride network your customers would view you as their transportation provider anywhere in the world

9 Global Access Your customers, employees, and salespersons connect to your website to make reservations, confirm dispatches, and track accounting information, from anywhere in the world

10 Reduce Overhead Your customer makes online reservations and gets email confirmation, the chauffeur gets a page on the cell- phone, without you even picking up the phone. No more manual faxing or emailing.

11 Satisfied, Repeat Customers It takes the whole team to satisfy one customer Prime Ride offers a global team of world-class limousine operators to take care of your customer Prime Ride offers the first-class service that your customers expect & appreciate maintaining our outstanding reputation

12 Using the Prime Ride System Using the Prime Ride system is very easy. The following slides walk you through a sample of the our software.

13 Placing a Service Request Placing a service request is done on one screen, with one click! You may use an address book to enter all the information by a click The system will automatically send a confirmation email to the customer

14 Viewing Your Reservation All the reservations that you make can be viewed with brief information about them, sorted in order of pickup time You can also view the status of the request on this page

15 Viewing Dispatches Made To You The dispatch page displays all the dispatches made to you, either by yourself or by an affiliate – all on one page You can assign a chauffeur from this page and the system will send a page to the chauffeur’s pager with all the pickup information

16 Recording Service Once you provide service to a service request, you may record the trip information on an easy-to- use page This trip information can be viewed instantly by the Referring Affiliate and can be billed to the customer

17 Searching for Service Requests An elaborate search engine can help you locate any of your service requests You may view the results online, click on a particular service request, or download them into Excel®, or other software

18 Accounting Information All the service requests that you place or service are consolidated on one statement You may click on any of the service requests to get more information about it

19 Administration This section helps you with several administrative tasks including managing your chauffeurs, clients, and employees

20 Downloading to QuickBooks® You can download all the accounting information from the Prime Ride system into QuickBooks® running on your computer. From QuickBooks, you can readily generate statements, write checks, and view a number of reports

21 Our Strengths CustomerSatisfaction EnterpriseSoftwareGlobalNetworkSuperiorQuality World Class Service World Wide Access

22 Our Services: We provide: Global network Management software Global accessibility So you may focus on your core business

23 Our Offer: We guarantee 25% increase in your business Payment of services is 80% of your published rates, plus tolls, parking, tax, miscellaneous charges, and 20% gratuity 12% referral commission

24 Next Steps Send in your signed application ( and agreement ( We’ll send you instructions on how to be an active member of our team We welcome you to Prime Ride – A Limousine Network of Choice

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