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UO Academic Extension Online Registration Instructions and help.

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1 UO Academic Extension Online Registration Instructions and help

2 UO Academic Credit Registration Information Registration is handled through the UO Academic Extension Office. If you have questions or problems registering, here is the contact information: UO Academic Extension, 1277 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403 800-824-2714 toll free in US, 541-346-4231

3 Step One: Registration Go to the online registration website: Select and click on course. Click on “register for this course” button at the bottom. (see next slide) Please be aware that the online registration is on a secure website and server.

4 Course Description Page

5 Step Two: Shopping Cart This will take you to shopping cart page. (see next slide) From the shopping cart, you can either select add more courses or continue to checkout. If you select add more courses, it will take you back to previous screen. You will need to click on view more courses link to select more and click on register for this course to add to shopping cart. If you are done selecting courses, simply click on continue to checkout. This will take you to a secure login page.

6 Shopping Cart

7 Step Three: Login Once you click on continue to checkout, it will take you to login page. (see next slide) If you have never taken courses with us before, you will need to select the “create a profile” link. Be sure to fill out required fields. If you have taken courses before, you will need to enter the e-mail you used in your profile and password. If you forgot your password, simply type your e-mail and press login. If you forgot your e-mail, please contact the Registration Office at 800-824-2714 or 541-346-4231

8 Login page

9 New Student

10 Step Four: Academic Credit Info If you are registered for a credit course and the Academic Extension database does not have Academic Credit information such as date of birth, highest degree, an academic credit screen will pop up to ask for this information. (see next slide) If the AE database has this information, it will skip this step and go to step five. Once complete, click the continue to check out button.

11 Academic Credit Info Page

12 Step Five: Payment The UO Academic Extension Offices excepts: Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and Company Purchase Orders. These are the only payment methods available for online registration. For alternative payments, please call the Registration Office at 800-824-2714 or 541-346- 4231; or e-mail You may also update or change any student information under edit student information including changing password. (see next slide) Click on “submit button” when finished.

13 Payment and Edit Student Info

14 Step Six: Verify Information The Verification page is where you can make sure all information is correct before submitting your registration. This is the page where you can make any last minute changes. Once you are satisfied with the information, please click on the “process my registration”. Do not click more than once or it will charge your card twice. (see next slide) Once payment is processed in our Virtual Merchant, it will take you to the confirmation page.

15 Verify Information Page

16 Step Seven: Confirmation After payment is processed, you will be taken to a confirmation page and given a confirmation number. (see next slide) If you have a slow connection and your webpage gives you a “timed out” message, please do not do another registration. Contact the Registration Office at 800-824- 2714 or 541-346-4231. If you do not complete the registration (get a confirmation number), all information is deleted from our server after ten minutes of no activity.

17 Confirmation Page

18 Step Eight: E-mail Confirm After your registration is complete, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation to the e-mail you provided in your student profile. You will also receive another e-mail from Academic Extension office with some additional course information. (see next slides)

19 E-mail and AE E-mail Notices

20 Need Help? Contact University of Oregon, Academic Extension Office Phones: 800-824-2714 or 541-346-4231 E-mail:

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